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What's wrong with this review? AGENDA: Arm Arbor 's Newsmonthly Agenda Publications, P.O. Box 3624, Ann Arbor, MI 48106. Subscnption: $10yr. Here's a refreshing break - a new alternative community paper that isn't saturated with ads or columns extolling the latest hot movics, raw fish delicacies, good deals on PCs, or nifty fashions bom on t.v. cop shows. Agenda desenbes itself as "non-aligned." That 's fine. Ideological alignmem inevitably leads its adherents to embarrassing positions. "Dogs run free- why can't we?" to quote a past master who has forgotten the unplications of his own question. Agenda ram ftedy through a gamut of issues, with its position not "aligned" but clearly conunitted: to peace, economie justke, responsive govemment, and citizen initiatives toward rational public policy. The lead story in the September '86 issue concerns the crisis in family farms; other front-page pieces focus on the involvement of academia in lethal research ("Is Your Professor Building the Bomb?") and an Ann Arbor acüvist's campaign toward a seat in Congress. The issue also features a local calendar and an informative guide to local community resources in various áreas, such as labor, peace & disarmament, science, and "progressive religión." The paper, edited by Ted Sylvester and Laurie Wechter, carnes advertising, but the ads are not the paper's reason for existence, as too often seems the case in current community papers. Agenda is a winner so far - put it on your agenda (back issues are available) f you're interested in seeing how well a progressive community paper can be done. - Grant Bums The $7,454 question! What's wrong with this review? Of course we're excited about the good things it says, but we couldnt help noticing the first point it makes: AGENDA "sni saturated with ads." What's wrong with that? Plenty, if you like AGENDA. As we reported last month, the financial future of the paper is in doubt. At this point, the newspaper's very existence depends upon selling more advertising space. But that's not all... What will it take to continue publishing AGENDA? Your support. We need to increase our revenues by 36%. We can do this by ncreasing display advertising in the paper to 50% (instead of the current 30-35%). Or we can continue to try to cut costs in other ways (this issue is four pages less than the last one). But we'd rather not. We'd like to think that AGENDA is worthy of more financial support from our readers in the form of subscriptions and donations. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! use form on page 19 SAVE AGENDA! ! $28)4o2 _ The thermometer on the right, indicating AGENDA'S y present financial status and 1 987 budgetary goals, will appear in every issue through December. The j2o 948 r'xXc black area represents our 1 987 revenues to date. 11111111 Thegray areaisourexpectedrevenue. Thestriped area is the difference between our projected intake ' ■ vs. expenses for 1987 (or what we NEED). Since last month, we received 12 subscriptions, $135 in donations and advertising was up $470 above the projected intake. SO. . . "HOW FAR WE HAVE TOGO" Á L Now instead of $771 8 we only need $7454, instead of ■ ■ 500 subscriptions it'sjust 488. We have toget this W money or we fold! All it takes s $1 5. A subscnption form is on page 19.


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