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New in Paperback at Borders... Discos and Democracy: China in the Throes or Reform by Orville Schell, Anchor, $9.95. Friends In Deed: The Story of U.S.v ' r " A Nicaragua Sister Clties by Liz Chilsen & ' V ■' Sheldon Rampion, Wisconsin Coordinal.ïLhJ7 : ing Council on Nicaragua, $25.00. r$tiWifaT The ('(Kd Red Road: PassaKes int0 rfífiMfifr Native America by Kennelh Lincoln wilh E8KmWb&J Al Logan Slagle, Harper & Row, $ 10.95. 9S 9flLr i Agnes Smedley: Thc Llfe and Times of ryrPfifKL an American Radical by Janice R. Jgtf- MacKinnon and Stephen R. MacKinnon, gZqB University of California, $12.95. F p The Arrogance of Race: Hlstorical P -3T flÉ Perspectives on Slavery, Racism, and W iJ Social Inequality by George M. T p7 Fredrickson, Wcsleyan, $14.95. j Wl The Slsterhood: The Inside Story of the 1 jÉUIf Women's Movement & the Leaders -ÉLjnk2lfiH WaVVho Made It Happen by Marcia Cohea " Fawcett, $10.95. gKhfc 303 South State, 668-7652