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Recycle This Summer!

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Not sure what to do with some extra time this summer? Help us out recycling! You can get hands on experience by volunteering at the Drop Off Station! It's fun! You'll help greet the recycling public, unload cars, share information, work on site clean-up, all in the greatoutdoors. We need summer help! Cali to set up a time, or just come by ready to work. Whether you volunteer or not, you can recycle newspaper, glass, tin, aluminum, used motor oil, car batteries, corrugated cardboard and scrap metal at the Drop Off Station. All must be clean and free of other materials. Bundie newspaper in paper grocery bags (not plastic!) or tie with string. Sort glass by color and remove lids (no need to remove paper labels. Whew!) Tin cans must have paper labels removed and be flattened (just do the best you can with round-bottom cans). Glass jar lids can be recycled with tin. Flatten and bundie corrugated cardboard boxes (brown with two layers and squiggley stuff in between). Sort scrap metal and remove all non-metal parts. Questions? Give us a cali! Curren tly , RA A does not recycle any plastics or gray cardboard - like cereal boxes, gift boxes, etc. Sorry. We also do not accept magazines - but the Ann Arbor Public Library does! Your subscription will doublé its value as someone else enjoys reading magazines again (and again). You can drop off magazines at the library any time ifs open. Thank you to everyone who participated in Recycle Week last month! The Ecology Center Bike a-thon was a big success thanks to all the riders and pledgers. Thanks! The Recycling Drop Off Station is a program of the Ecology Center - a non-profit community environmental organization which provides services in waste recycling, energy conservation, education, and advocacy. Recycling Drop Off Station, 2050 S. Industrial, Ann Arbor, Ml, 971-7400, Hours: Fri. & Sat., 9:30 am to 4:30 pm. Recycling service and ducation info: M-F 9:30 am to 5 pm.


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