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On July 28, the first of "The Tired of Waiting (TOW) Concerts" was held to raise the funds needed to facilítate building the originally planned memorial for the four students gunned down May 4, 1 970 by the U.S. National Guard on the Kent State campus. TOW organizers say the fundraising concerts are being held because the Kent State University Board of Trustees has not raised adequate funds to build the original memorial and has decided to build a scaleddo wn version instead. The concerts will be held once a month through May 1990. The group says the shocking recent events in Beijing poignantly remind them how governments are willing to use excessive forcé on their own people. They further add that the events in Beijing echo the events at Kent State in 1970. The group says that their effort to commemorate the events of May 4th appropriately have been met with continual opposition. Nevertheless, they are not discouraged. They are just tired of waiting. For concert information: The Tired of Waiting Concert Series, 459 The Arcade, 401 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, OH 441 14. For May 4, 1970 information: The Kent May 4 Center, Box 3313, Kent, OH 44240. THMNUA-ü-l


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