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New in Paperback at Borders... THE COLOR LINE AND THE QUALITY OF LIFE IN AMERICA by Reynolds Farley and Walter R. Allen, Oxford $14.95. Good statistical reference . _ on the status of African Americans from 7, 1 940 to the present by U of M f aculty :'M'r-. memberSVfLl & THE CESAREAN MYTH by Thomas MW Rosen M.D. and Lillian Thomas, Penguin ESfifHH.. $7.95. One of four U.S. births is by BgjpWBHJB C seclion, an unnecessary and dangerous Musí Bb9 VÈT statistic. ?PWl'rWr-y PERSPECTIVES ON DETERRENCE fc--"" edited by Paul C. Stern, Robert Axelrod, i (B Robert Jervis, and Roy Radner, Oxford V -fc $19.95. Experts, including Ann Arbor's PP f jj Axelrod, evalúate deterrence as a response 'S to conflict. 7 PAULI MURRAY: THE AUTOBIOGf f RAPHY OF A BLACK ACTIVIST, W FEMINIST, LA VVYER, PRIEST & I yft DÊL POET, University of Tennessee $16.95. ■Jmmh " Award winner; hardcover published as yO Song in a Weary Throat. 303 South State, 668-7652 ■■■■■■■■■■■i


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