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Safer Sex And Drug Use Guidelines

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Safer sex can include: massage, hugging, kissing, erotic talk, masturbation , using your own sex toys, role-playing, fantasy scènes, and other acti vi tie s that do not in volve the exchange of semen orblood. Do not allow a partner's semen or blood (induding menstrual blood and blood drawn f rom piercing, cutting and shaving) to enter your vagina, anus, mouth or breaks in your skin. Use condoms for anal and vaginal intercourse, tor oral sex with a man, and for covering dildos and other sex toys. Use only water-based lubricante as others weaken latex. Use latex barriers (dental dams, available at dental supply stores) between the genital área and mouth for sex with a woman. Be especially careful to avoid the exchange of menstrual blood. Using nonoxynol-9 or other spermicides with condoms and latex barriers may add extra protection For anal or vaginal penetration with fingers or hands use latex gloves or finger cots. Your body's ability to fightail diseases, ncluding AIDS may be benefited by general good health. That means getting good nutrition, lots of rest, exercise and not abusing alcohol, poppers and other drugs. (Remember, being drunk or high can affect your derisions about sex.) If you use injected drugs follow the guidelines below: Do nol share works (needies, syringes, droppers, spoons, cottons or cookers). Do not re-use needies; use fresh cottons each time. If you must share or re-use your works, clean as follows: dip needie and works into 100% bleach, draw up and release three times, dip needie and works into water, draw up and release three times. (In an emergency, rubbing alcohol, vodka or wine can also be used.) As an alternativo, boíl works in water tor at least 1 5 minutes. Use a fresh solution each time you clean your works. Information on Mfcr -x from Gy CommunHy Nmra AprM3O-My 8, 1989. Subscriptor: $33yr„ $2025 wk. or $1225 ka. low-incom. Send ■ chack or moiwy ontor to: GCN Sutocrlption, 62 Barkeley St., Boston. MA 021 16


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