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Middle East Is "time Bomb"

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I am not at all pleased with our policy regarding IraqKuwait. I regard the presence of our troops dangerously provocative. Leaving questions of morality aside (morality n International politics is a real quagmire), a negotiated settlement is mandatory. I urge people to discuss this matter and inform, using methods they are comfortable with, the leaders of the necessity for a proper settlement. After this is done, I think the following should take place: 1) It is necessary for Israel and Palestine to make a fair settlement. This will not be easy, but t is necessary. 2) I advocate arms control talks to conclude an arms reduction agreement for the Middle East. The regiĆ³n is seriously over-armed; outside parties bear primary responsibility for this situation. 3) Middle Eastern countries, including Israel, must start a process of democratization. 4) The oil-rich nations should share the wealth. The Middle Eastem countries, like many other countries, have a serious income distribution problem. I feel if the above does not happen, the Middle Eastern "time bomb" will explode.


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