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jjHl„.x Fftüül REAL. 662-1867 WmXtfp ESTÁTE NS.882-3958 "S=r MATTERS Nslfl[ % Buying or Selling in Troubled Times As the recession persists, people continue to ask me: Is this a good time to buy? To sell? Should decisions be put off until things are more settled? My advlce Is to proceed with your plans to buy or sell. There are two trends: A. The houslng market In our area Is very active. More houses are available, with minor price adjustments downward. Expensive new houses and condos have declined the most, but medium-priced and low-priced homes are least affected. B. Interest rates are very low, with a chance that they will go even lower. For buyers, low rates mean one of two things, compared with six months or a year ago: (1) at a given monthly payment, higher-priced houses can now be considered or (2) at a given price, monthly payments will be much less, resulting in significant long-term savings. For sellers, low rates mean there are more potential buyers, and many buyers can now afford to spend more than they could have in the past. Right now there are good opportunities for both buyers and sellers. If you would like to hear my best advice concerning timing and . intelligent ways to proceed, I would be glad to meet with you. Give me a cali today. y(...


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