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AcoalitionorganizedbythePalestineSolidarity Committee will observe the anniversary of the start of the Gulf War. On Thur., Jan. 16, people will gather at the U-M Diag at 8 pm for a candlelight vigil for all who died or suffered because of Desert Storm and its aftermath. On SaL, Jan. 18, there will be a teach-in at Angelí Hall, Aud. C, from 10 am to 6 pm. Experts will analyze the war's effects, both in the Middle East and in the U.S. There will also be videos, photo displays aboutthe war's consequences, and tables at which people can learn about the current activities of groups which opposed the Gulf War. Walt Whitman Coffee House The Walt Whitman Coffee House is a monthly gathering at Common Language Bookstore, where gay and bisexual men can comfortably meetaway from the bar scène. It was started this past Sept. by Harold Green and Phillip Hewitt, through the generosity of the bookstore and help from many community people. The next Walt Whitman Coffee House gathering will be on Jan. 10. Cali Harold Green at 971-541 1 for more details. Dhoruba bin-Wahad Back to Prison? Former New York Black Panther leader Dhoruba bin-Wahad spent over 19 years in prison for allegedly wounding two New York cops in 1971. He was released in 1990 because pólice and prosecutors concealed evidence, but now may be headed back to prison. The state appealed the decisión which threw out Dhoruba' s conviction, and by a 4-3 margin New York's highest appeals court recently sided with the prosecution. The ruling overtumed a New York law that says that a judgment must be reversed if prosecutors tamper with evidence to get a conviction. Dhoruba's case was sent back to the lower court to see if suppression of the key prosecution witness's prior statements, which would have proved Dhoruba's innocence, was "prejudicial" (in which case the conviction gets thrown out), or "harmless error" (in which case the conviction stands). Even if the lower court voids the conviction, Dhoruba could be re-tried. To help Dhoruba's defense, contact the Campaign to Free Black Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War in the U.S., P.O. Box 339, Bronx, NY 10463-0339, phone (718) 624-0800. Nixon vs. Rainbow People December 20, 1991 wasthe20thanniversary of a John S inclair freedom rally at which John Lennon, Stevie Wonder, Bob Seger and other musicians joined with activists in Ann Arbor's Crisler Arena to press for Rainbow People' s Party (previously the White Panther Party) leader Sinclair's release from a 10year prison sentence for giving two joints to an undercover cop. Sinclair was freed three days later. However, Sinclair's legal problems were not over. Along with Pun Plamundon and Jack Forrest, he was accused in the 1968 bombing of Ann Arbor's CIA office. Those charges were eventually dismissed because the Nixon administration had, without a warrant, tapped phones at the Rainbow People' s Party house. Lawsuits against Nixon and the government over the illegal wiretaps ended last year with the dismissal of Sinclair's last appeal. Jeff Hale is documenting Nixon's campaign against the White PanthersRainbow People. He seeks interviews with former members of the White Panther Party or Rainbow People's Party. If you can help to preserve this bit of people's history, or know people who can, write to: Jeff Hale, P.O. Box 3113, Baton Rouge, LA 40821-3113. Costa Rican Coral Reefs Poisoned by Agrochemicals Some 60% of Costa Rica's Atlantic coast coral formations have died. Costa Rican environmentalists blame Chemicals sprayed on banana plantations, which run off into the Caribbean Sea. A coral is not an inanimate rock, but a colony of single-celled organisms, the skeletons of whose ancestors make up the rocks we sometimes cali coral. A living reef is a spectacularly colorful place, with an extensive life chain of creatures which eat coral polyps, fish thateatcoral-eaters.andsoon. A dead reef is a gray place with few fish. Costa Rica's Atlantic side reefs not only provide seafood for the local population. They also bring fishers, snorkelers and scuba divers from around the world, who spend money in the poorest región of a poor country. The Costa Rican banana export industry , the world's second largest, provides chemical-tainted food for North American consumers, dangerous and low-paying jobs for Costa Ricans, and good profits for multinational corporations. Health Questions? Cali ASK-A-NURSE The Sisters of Mercy Corporation runs a free, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week health care information line. Registered nurses will give confidential answers to your questions, and help you to find the health care professionals that you may (or may not) need. Cali ASK-ANURSE at 1-800-472-9696. Delegation to Visit Nicaragua in April A delegation of Ann Arbor citizens is forming to visitNicaragua in early April. The 12-day trip will focus on women's issues and will include visits to Matagalpa and Ann Arbor' s sister city, Juigalpa. The group wants more people to join (both men and women) Dear Readers: AGENDA is interested in receiving items from you for etcétera. Press clippings, press releases, summaries of local events and any other ideas or suggestions are welcome. Just mail them to : Etcétera Editor, AGENDA, 220 S. Main St., Ann Arbor, MI 48104 and needs someone fluent in Spanish. For more infonnation cali Jeanine Palms 971-5870. Activists to Rally in Defense off Cuba Facing hard times as their Eastern European trade relationships crumble and an economically pressed Bush adm inistration seeks to divert public attention via foreign adventures, Cubans are on short rations and preparing for U.S. military moves. Progressive people firom around the world, with diverse views about Castro's social and political policies but united in a determination to keep Cuba out of U.S. control, are rallying to the island nation's defense. The movement's two demands are an end to the U.S . economie blockade and opposition to any U.S. intervention. Ramsey Clark, Bishop Gumbleton, Harry Belafonte and Alice Walker are among the initiators of the International Peace for Cuba rally which will take place in New York City on Jan. 25. Former Brazilian presidential candidato, Lula da Silva; Panamanian antiintcrvention leader, Esmeralda Brown; Uruguayan writer, Eduardo Gaicano; British labor leader, Tony Benn; Puerto Rican human rights activist, Luis Nieves Falcon; and aide to martyred Grenadian leader Mauríce Bishop, Don Rojas, will be some of the international participants. North American activists, writers, politicians, labor leaders, cienes and entertainers are lending their support Besides Bishop Gumbleton, Michigan endorsers include Rep. John Conyers, Bishop Kenneth Povish and veterans of the Venceremos Brigades which have built housing and harvested crops in Cuba. Car pools and buses will be taking people f rom this area to the rally. For more information cali Eric Jackson at 487-7017. Support the Community Development Corporation By Buying at Borders The Community Development Corporation (CDQ is a non-profitorganization, ed in 1984, that provides credit to wotnen, minoriiies, persons with disabilities and lowinc ome residen ts f or smal 1 business de velopment The Women's Initiative for Self-Employment, the CDC's main project, offers unemployed and underemployed women the necessary tools for self-employment There will be a Borders Book Days benefit for the CDC the weekend of Jan. 24-27. Mention the CDC and a portion of the proceeds from your Borders purchases on those days will go to CDC's projects. Domestic Violence Project Needs Volunteers The Domestic Violence ProjectSAFE House, which serves survivors of domestic violence, needs your help! Volunteers are needed to answer the crisis line, provide child care, counsel victims, facilítate support groups and speak to the public. Volunteers are also needed for the On-Call Team, which provides immediate assistance to survivors of domestic violence af ter an arrest has occured. People of color and formerly baüered wotnen are especially encouraged to apply. Men are needed, as well, for the Children's Program. Training is free and begins Jan. 24. Cali 995-5444 for an interview. ArtGrant Applications Due The Washtenaw Council for the Arts is accepting grant applications for arts projects scheduled from June 1 to SepL 30, 1992. Non-profit groups and institulions (but not individuals) may apply for up to 52,000 in matching funds. All applications must be postmarked or hand-delivered to the WCA office by Feb. 7, 1991 . For application packets or more information, contact the WCA at 996-2777. Good Luck Jen and Jeffl Homeless Ac tion Committee co-f ounders Jennifer Hall and Jeff Gearhart have left Ann Arbor for cheaper rent in Kalamazoo. AD of Ann Arbor, even city council, will miss them.


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