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AGENDA s interested in receiving items f rom you for etcétera. Press clippings, press releases, summaries of local events and any other ideas or suggestions are welcome. Just mail them to: Etcétera Editor, AGENDA, 220 S. Main St., Ann Arbor, MI 48104 Ferency Dies; His Legacy Lives On On March 23, Easl Lansing city councilmember and legendary activist Zolton Ferency died of heart disease. As the head of Michigan's Democratie Party in 1967, Ferency soughtLyndon Johnson's ouster over the Vietnam War, an act for which he was ostracized by the state Democrats. As a lawyer, Ferency won lawsuits against overcrowding in state prisons and to abolish the state poiice "Red Squad." In 1 970, he founded the Human Rights Party, of which several members were elected to the Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor city councils. In recent months Ferency had been promoting a petition drive to abolish the State Senate and créate a part-time unicameral legislature. Coming at a time of unprecedented scandals in the Michigan legislature, this radical restructuring seemed headed toaspoton the 1994 ballot. Ferency's friends and supporters vow to carry on the petition drive. A statewlde meeting is tentatively scheduled for April 28. For more Information, cali (517) 337-2825. NOW Presents Feminist Awards On Sunday May 2 Ihe Ann Arbor WashtenawCounty chapterof the National Organization for Women will honor four community members for their contributions to women's rights. They are: Dr. Deloisteen Person-Brown, creator of the Neighborhood Health Clinic in Ypsilanti; Ralph Michener, past NOW board member; Mary Sexton, a contraceptives educator researcher: and Nancy Moustakas and Cathy Baldwin, founders of the Community Action Network. The Feminist Achievment Awards Banquet will take place at noon at the Gollywobbler, 3750 Washtenaw Ave. State senator Debbie Stabenow will be the keynote speaker. The cost is $25 (proceeds benefit NOW). For more information cali 995-5494. Rape Prevention Month The U-M Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center is sponsoring Rape Preven tion Month on campus March 1 6 through April 1 7. Numerous actlvlties are designed to raise awareness about sexual assault. Thisyear's programs include sexual assault and the role of alcohol in the Greek system, sexual assault and people with disabilities, sexual assault issues facing people of color, and the medias portrayal of sexual assault. The month 's activities will culminate with the 1 4th Annual Take Back the Night March and Rally, sponsored by the Ann Arbor Coalition Against Rape. The march and rally will begin at 7 pm on Sat. April 1 7, at Ann Arbor City Hall. For more information cali SAPAC at 763-5865. Israeli Military Résister to Speak Hanoch Livneh. spokesperson forYesh Gvul, will speak in Ann Arbor on April 25 and 26. Yesh Gvul, an organization of Israeli soldiers who refuse to serve in the West Bank or Gaza, was formed by reservists who refused to particípate in the 1982 invasión of Lebanon. Livneh was one such reservist. After serving one month in Lebanon he told his commanding officer that he would not return to service. When his reserve unit was called up for the intifada, he refused to serve and was jailed. Yesh Gvul has recen tly been drawing attention to Israeli army's undercover units in the Occupled Territories. These units, whose members masquerade as Palestinians, have been linked with the 95 deaths. On April 25, Livneh wlU speak about the Israel! peace movement at 7 pm at HUlel, 1429 Hlll SL On April 26, he wlll speak about consclentious objection. For more Information cali 769-5680. U.S. Aids Guatemalan Military The Clinton Administration recently authorized U.S. troops to joln wlth the Guatemalan Army in combined military operations lasting through 1993. The agreement breaks President Clinton's promlse to respect human rights, as Guatemala has one of the worst human rights records in the world. The Guatemalan Army, long linked to death squad actlvlties, is currently waging "scorched earth" drives in the Quiche province. Homes, schools, clinlcs and churches have been destroyed as a result. Write to President Clinton, asking him to stop the joint U.S. -Guatemalan maneuvers. For details contact FINDING, 205 West Monroe, Chicago, 1L 60606-5033. The Kashubian Tapes On April 22-25, the Performance Network will present "The Kashubian Tapes," a one-man play starring Peter Reineman. It tells the true story of a government employee in Chicago whose lile is ruined when he trys to blow the whistle on arms shipments to Iran. The play, written by Dan Sutherland, examines the notion of collective responsibility and the painful ambivalence of living within a system that is noble in theory, but rotten in practice. The Sun., April 25 show will be signed for the hearing impaired. For Information and reservations cali 663-068 1 . Depo-Provera Now Available Planned Paren thood of Michigan announces the availability of Depo-Provera in its family planning clinlcs. This birth control drug is injected and provldes effective contraceptlon for 12 weeks. Although Depo-Provera has been used by some nine million women in 90 countries, it was only approved by the Food and Drug Administration last October. Planned Parenthood will only provlde Depo-Provera after a complete gynecological exam and education session. It is available on a sliding scale fee and is covered by Medicaid. Cali 973-0 1 55 for more information or to schedule an appointment. "Blocked Out" Block Parties The Homeless Actlon Commlttee (HAC) will soon be having a Block Party at a neighborhood park nearyou. On April 3, HAC and friends will gather at West Park, and on April 21, at Salvatlon City (at N. Main SL and Ann). The message to be conveyed by the homeless and their advocates is: "We still don't have a block to live on, and we still don't have a party to vote for. " For more info. cali 930-0601.


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