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CLASSÈS djOR REWT CÍRCÍS ECOFEMINISMCLASS- TWO ROOMS AVAILABLE May 1 in BOOKKEEPING for small businesses or tive American women, plant trees, do seven-person vegetarían cooperative. We individuals. General accounting, payroll, cal ritual. Sat. mornings, March 27-May 1, share cooking and chores. Friendly group. accounts receivable, taxes. Experienced and $80. Cali 665-5550. Reasonahle rent. No smoking, no pets, near affordable Cali Bob at 761-2509 Packard Food Co-op. Cali 761-2509. FEMINIST WICCA CLASS- facilitated INTERPLANETARY RESEARCH ASby student of Starhawk and the Reclaiming CZ FOR SALE 2 SOCIATES. We will research most subCollective. Mon. mornings, March 29-May ■MB tmBmm jects. Abstracting,bibliographies, document 3 or Wed. eves May 19-June 23, $80. Cali HOUSE FOR SALE by owner. Near delivery, on-line, searching. Cali 426-4456. 665-5550. Arborland. Two-bedroom ranch with den, attic. dining room, living room, one full bath FREE EAR AND NOSE PIERCING - WOMEN'S SELF-HELP HEALTH- and garage. $90,000 range. 971-7913. Gateway to Afrika, 107109 S. Fourth Ave., Menstrual extraction, self-pelvicbreast 668-6944. exam. cramp control. Sun. mornings.-March REAL RODS. Custom, hand-built fishing 28-May 2, $80. Cali 665-5550. rods. Fly, spin orcastingrods for real fishing. HOMES BY HIRTH: Custom builder ex__ (aH (,f,5 954() perienced in all phases of your building IBCIJOR RENTj ' rMÉrnNGs remode'in8necds662-8212 Uii,e.rK,r ii . VJVICCJHWO' AGENDA GRAPHICS produces pamHOUS K rO RENT Unique oppor&iily for A nKND THEWILDFLOURBAKERY phleLs. business cards, posters, brochures, gaynwcorcouplclnthccountryneaiAnn Commun.tylnvolvementMeeting.Sun.May invitat.ons.niers.andmore.Affordablerates, Ark,,. Il you wanl a quiei place u,k Iovc 2 Polluck al 1 1 :30am. meeling at noon. 208 quick service. Cali Phillis al 996-8018. nature, cali üreg M (313) 930-8686 (leave N pourth Av(. 994_06(n 2 message). HP7TVTTTTMTIH INSTRUCTIONS (questions? cali 996-8018) lijdiègÜB I s $2 a line or fraction thereof (30 units per line). pjïlljq'j I Deadline: APRIL 23 for MAY issue. PB I '" Payment (check or money order) must accompany ad. HAmUUB I b Mail order form or stop in at our office at 220 S. Main St. (in back of Elmo's T-Shirts). I ■ ■ reserves the right to reject, cancel, modify , classify , or re-classify any ad. 'v MAKE CHECK PAYABLE TO: AGENDA, 220 S. Main, Ann Arbor, Ml 48104


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