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Summer Festival Freebies

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There are at least three great reasons to live in Ann Arbor in the summer: The Frog Island Music Festival (see page 7), the Ann Arbor Summer Festival, and the absence of- well, let's just say the city is less crowded. (Art Fair? What Art Fair?)

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the Ann Arbor Summer Festival, the month-long celebration of entertainment and the arts. The Festival runs June 17 through July 11.

For those interested in attending plays or concerts at the Power Center, the Summer Festival crew has some real treals in store. And they've lined up a fabulous set of free concerts (every night) and films (Sun.-Wed. nights) at the Top of the Park. Concerts begin at 7 pm and films at 10 pm.

Look for July events in the July/August issue of AGENDA. We wish we could list all the events but we only have room for the freebies. For more information call 764-2538.

MUSIC at Top of the Park: 7 pm, FREE

June 19: Madcat Ruth and Sherry Kane. June 20: Wally Duda Polka Band. June 22: Onita Saunders & Joanna Jordan, plus Ray Kamalay with Randy Sabine. June 23: Kenn Cox with Nancy Davis, plus Hop-A-Long Zeemo. June 24: Ethnic Dance Night with Troupe Ta'Amullat, Malini's Dances of India, and Troupe Habibat al-Fen. June 25: Niteflight and Visger Road Drum Band. June 26: Ambassadors. June 27: RFDBoys. June 28: PJ's No Kickdrum Acoustic Concert Series-Mail Watroba, The Hannibals, Crossed Wire, Greg Applegate and Bil Boley. June 29: Heid/Bassett Blues Insurgents. June 30: Montage.

MOVIES at Top of the Park: 10 pm, FREE

June 20: "Psychological Differences Between The Sexes" & "When Harry Met Sally"; June 21: "Kudzu" & "KingKong"; June 22: "Munro" & "M.A.S.H."; June 23: "Solo" & "High Noon"; June 27: Buster Keaton Night films "Cops" & "Steamboat Bill, Jr."; June 28: "The Raven" & "The Black Cat"; June 29: "Critic" & "Bonnie & Clyde"; June 30: "Getting Started" and "Yojimbo."

OTHER FREE EVENTS Locations key: PC=Power Center, TOP=Top of the Park (plaza level of the Fletcher St. parking deck), BT = Burton Tower.

JUNE 18: Top of the Park Opening Night, TOP. With Frank Allison and the Odd Sox. JUNE 20: "Three Cheers for Kids" Performances, 11 am, TOP. With Mime Michael Lee, Mask Puppet Theater, Zeemo, art workshops & more. JUNE 21: Carillon Concert, 7 pm, BT. JUNE 27: "Three Cheers for Kids" Performances, 11 am, TOP. Herm Steinman, Repercussions, Jeff DeGraff, and Maize & Blue. JUNE 28: Carillon Concert, 7 pm, BT. Ten Years of Festival Posters, 7 pm, PC lobby.


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