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Come Out! To Prideawarenesscommitment Week Events

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IJ.-M.'. i.V -?.? M-J.-f!m The Lesbian-Gay Male-Bisexual Programs Otfice has planned a number ol evenls lor October 917, PrideAwarenessCommitment Week. Note the fabulous Club Fabulous PAC Week MEGA-MIX dance party - chem-free and bi-gender - which will be held at St. Andrews Church, N. División at Catherine, on Sat. Oct. 9 from 10 pm-2 am. Admission is S3 (more if you can, less it you can't). On Mon. Oct. 1 1 , National Coming Out Day, UM Counseling Services will host an Open House and Fall Reception lor the "lesbigay" community from 4:30-6:30 pm at 3100 Michigan Union. Students are invited to meet with counseling services staft , as well as community therapists and campus ministers. Light relreshments will be provided. The PAC Week Kickoff Rally will be held immediately following the reception at 7 pm on the steps of the Rackham Bldg., at the corner of Washington and Fletcher. There will be guest speakers addressing issues such as lesbigay people in the military, the right-wing ballot initiative in Mich, and campus concerns. Dooryard Moses will provide music. Special MC will be Billi Gordon, former LGMBPO staff member and now a stand-up Hollywood comedian, author of "You've Had Worse Things in Your Mouth," and largest-selling greeting card model in the world. If it rains, we will move the Rally to the Michigan League. 3rd f loor, Henderson Room. Rain or sunset glow, after the Rally well meet in the Henderson Room to discuss the Mich. Campaign for Human Dignity's efforts to counteract the anti-gay ballot initiative! Come out and help! The October LGMBPO Brown Bag Lunch will be held on Wed. Oct. 13 from 11:30 am-1 pm in the LGMBPO Lounge, 31 16 Michigan Union. There will be a discussion on creating a LGBI Asian Discussion Group on the U-M Ann Arbor campus. On Wed. Oct. 13 we'll have a visiting lecturer speak on "Labor & Sexual Orientation " as part of the Labor Theme Semester sponsored by.the U-M Network for Cultural Democracy and LGMBPO. The lecturer will speak at Professor Alan Wald's course, MLB Lecture Room 1 , from 7-9 pm. For more info., cali 764-6330 or LGMBPO at 763-4186. The LGMBI Student Organization Potluck Dinner is scheduled for Thu. Oct. 14 from 6-8:30 pm in the Dean of Students Conference Room, 3000 Mich. Union. "Come out" and bring a potluck dish to share with tellow gradúate students. This will be a time for socializing, networking , and f urther organizing of the grad group. We look forward to a poetry reading by Terri Jewell on Sat. Oct. 16 at 7 pm at Common Language Bookstore, 214 S. 4th Ave. Jewell is an AfricanAmerican, lesbian-feminist writerwho has been lished in over 300 publications , received many awards . and has just edited an anthology on quotes by Black women - "The Black Woman'sGumboYa-Ya:Quot es by Black Women." Terri will sign copies of her books af Ier the reading. An honorary brunch recepfion for Terri will be held on Sun. Oef. 17 al Common Language from 10 am-12:30 pm. Refreshments will be provided. A series of PAC Week Workshops is scheduled for Sun. Oct. 17 from 1-4 pm in Rooms 3000-3200 Mich. Union. They are: "Writingand Publishing Workshop" by Terri Jewell (1-3 pm); "Financial Planning" by Lynn Wrighl (1-2 pm); "How to Find the 'Right' CounselorTherapist" by Jim Toy, MSW (1-2 pm); "Stress Management" by Gen Stewart of U-M Health Service (2-3 pm); "Protecting Yourself from the Law" by Molly Reno, JD (2-3 pm) ; "LGB Housing Issues" by Mark Erichson, U-M Housing Advisor (3-4 pm); and Title TBA by Peer Educators from the U-M Sexual Assaull Prevention & Awareness Center (3-4 pm) On Sun. Oct. 24, as a f ollow-upto PAC Week we'll have a presentalion by noted speaker, writer, and activist Suzanne Pharr. A Reception for Pharrwill be held from 5-6:30 pm, location TBA. Al 7 pm on that date she will speak at Rackham Aud. on "Democracy under Siege: The Dismantling of Civil Rights " Pharr will likely share insights from her best known book, "Homophobia: A Weapon of Sexism." Her visit is cosponsored by the U-M Sexual Assault Prevenfion & Awareness Center and LGMBPO, wilh support from Assault Crisis Center, Common Language Bookstore, and SafeHouseDomesfic Violence Project. Please COME OUTand support these events and our community. Let's celébrate! As many of us already know, our dear Iriend and former LGMBPO Co-Coordinator Billie Edwards has been diagnosed with an inoperable disease. She spent most of June in the hospital and has now' returned home. We are requesting financial support from the community to help cover Billie's medical expenses. Additionally, realizing the preciousness of life, Billie and her partner Ayron are in need of resources not only to pay for health care but to realize some of their longtime dreams. Billie has given so much to our community that it seems only fair that each of us give a little back. This appeal is an act of community outreach. We woukJ like each of you to write a check, as you are moved and are able. Your donation will be handled by the First Congregational Church of Ypsilanti. Make your check payable to this institution with a note written on the check designating that it is forthe "Billie and Ayron Fund." Mail checks to First Congregational Church, 218 North Adams, Ypsilanti Ml 481 97. Thank you for your generosity and concern! Let's remember that the unexpected strains and tragedies ol lite are easier to cope with when thereare many helping hands. Where there is an active and supportive community there is a well-spring of hope! Please note also the events lor AIDS AWARENESS WEEK Oct. 18-24, listed in the AGENDA CALENDAR. In particular, wewould like to highlight theexhibit ol panels f rom the AIDS Memorial Quilt at the Mich League; performances of "QUILT, A Musical Celebration" at the Mendelssohn Thealer; Workshops (concerns of women, bisexual and gay men, adolescents, and África n-Americans) at Bursley Hall; and Keary Campbell's photography exhibit, "Portraits of the Quilt ," at the Michigan League Buffel. For more information. cali theCoordinating Office al 7472277. Gay Liberation Front's Purpose is to provide information, counseling, and related social services for people concerned about sexual orientation. We maintain a holline lor crisis inlervention, peer counseling and referral We help provide factual information to offset prejudice and misinformation about Lesbians, Gay men. and Bisexual people. We work to obtain human and civil rights lor all, regardless ol sexual orientation We help organize groups for Lesbians, Gay men, and Bisexual people and are a link to other community groups. Community Services include; a Hotline lor crisis intervention, peer counseling, referral. Education: workshops and conferences on concerns of Lesbians, Gay men, and Bisexual people with an emphasis on how people in the "helping professions " and "teaching professions" can work positively with clients, patients, & students who are Lesbians, Gay men, and Bisexual people Speakers Bureau: phone for information Human & Civil Rights: information and referral to help people who are being discriminaled against because of their actual or presumed sexual orientation or because of their presumed "cross-gender" characteristics; lobbying for human and civil rights. Community Organization and Liaison: information and assistance in organizing groups, setting goals, addressing conflict, linking with other groups and resources. Gay Liberation Front Meetings vary according to purpose; we do most of our work in subcommittees (counseling, groupwork, education, civil rights). Cali for time and place. Gay Liberation Front includes UM students, staff, faculty and people from the larger communities. We have a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. We're a registered nonprofit organization. Gay Liberation Front, co 3116 Michigan Union, 530 S. State, Ann Arbor, Ml 481 09-1 349; 763-4186.


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