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So many records. . .so little time. A lot of great music has hitthe streets lately. El vis Costello has teamed up with his former band, The Attractions and his ol' buddy Nick Lowe. This is the best album by Elvis in years! "Brutal Youth" (Warner) gets four and a half stars. The Sundogs have released "To the Bone" (Rounder). It's a rockin'Cajun Zydeco ditty that is great driving music. That is, if you like doing 90 with the windows rolled down, the tape deck blaring, and a tank full of gas. Not recommended listening while passing through Ohio. I have been listening to Sam Phillips' "Martinis & Bikinis" (Virgin) way too much. The album is addictive. Produced by TBone Bumett (Sam's husband), who has the knack of making everything he touches (Counting C r o w s ) sound like gold (and sell platinum), it sounds inc red i ble! Especially when t's mixed in your CD player or you hear it on the radio. The quality is so different, sounds so clean and bright, your ears jump up and take notice. In a recent interview on the Ann Delisi Show (WDET), Sam was asked about songwriting. When the subject of writer's block came up, Sam said she puts her left shoe on her right f oot and her right shoe on her left foot It seems to work - she wrote or co-wrote all 1 3 songs except the John Lennon song "GimmeSomeTruth."Highly recommended listening! Billy Pilgrim's self-titled second album (Atlantic) is a stunning disc. Andrew Hyra and Kristian Bush are hotsongwriters. They can be described as Foster & Lloyd vs. Indigo Giris with Loudon Wainwright coaching from the sidelines. Songs that stickout are "lnsomniac,""Halfway Home," and "Hula Hoop," which has the great line, "She always teils me exactly what she needsl m her favorite book and shelovesto read." It's acoustic and refreshing, sounds great, less filling. Filled withwitand rtiyme, upbeat and hook-laden, guaranteed to please. Another tem of interest is a single on the Sub Pop label of, believe it or not, grunge rockers Mudhoney teamed up with countryfolk hipster Jimmie Dale Gilmore. They each cover each others' songs and also do their pwn versions. Then they team up on " Buckskin Stallion Blues." It is f un to hear how these songs are done by artists with such different styles. How did this happen, thisodd pairing? I don't know, but maybe someone at some big record label will piek up on the idea and release this type of record instead of all those (mostly boring) tribute albums. E í5abtinim!m!is1 HVflHHVHH9HIÍIH


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