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S 314 E. Liberty Ann Arbor at ■IF the i 5 MARGARET SMITH $10 ó It's an extra-special Mothcr's Day 7 weekend here al the Mainstreet as we present the razor sharp slylings I I 8 of one of Women's comcdy's vcry JÈÈk Éfcfe best! With numcrous Letterman Ék PPN and Tonight Show credils under her ■Bf Ék bclt, she's clcarly an eslablishcd Jjj Jft.National presenec. And ifyou'rc ■rS " tired of the strictly male pcrspcctivc, JB f wf I this show's for you! (Sorry, no discounts Sat. 57 ■ L 8:30 pm show) I i sh77w ii rviKS I êÊÊÊ I Thur. 8:3Opm J S ( IVi 8:3O & !O:3Opin ) WúrfRfrTímfifTfTTm Síit. 8:3O & lO:3Opm jjjjjjjüjgjjjyyyyji - - ■ 2 LEODUFOUR $10 23 One of our audiencc's favorites. Hc's twisted, j 2 he's irreverent, he's Leo!! Only sceing is believing, so for those looking for thc slightly unhinged side of comedy, this is your weckend!! (All discounts accepted) ;i 19 ROSSBENNETT $10 20 We go lo the sublime side of comedy ihis weckend 2 1 as we present from thc Windy City an act who rarely fails to blow 'cm away with his wide repertoire of characters, stories, and overall skill of bringing them all togelherü . - -- (All discounts accepted) S n s. ib or Reservations 26 COMEDY JAM $8 - - 996-9080 27 JUDYTENUTA $17.50 i"" 28 Yes, once again it's time for the i I í1! -C-Cf i ! Pctilc Flower to make her annual ƒ I Af ' ! visit wiih us, and for all ye faithful l Ü practitionersof "Judyism", it's time I ■■' " to make your pilgrimage to the I Valid for 12 off I A Mainstreet! Yes, all ye Slave Muffins, I one general admission ' all ye Tcstosteronc Pigs, the Goddess I priceThursorFridav. ' HA herself commands you to partakc of i r ■ ii 1 iftft'i I S another irrcvcrcni ritual of Fcmimsm I Expires May 26,1994 ] g as only shc can offer itü General Admission seating, . "c3 1 Special Engagement Showtimes: availability only. " Friday: 8:30 & 10:30 Exeludes select showtimes Saturday: 7:00 9.00 11.00 pm „ . . . o (Cali Mainstreet Box Office l_ sp_ecialengagements .1 u. )br discount information) "sATÜRDAY" I I Játf I General Admission seating W Mf I availability only. i V Exeludes Sat 5794 8:30pm IA i I Cali 9%-9080 for I I more Iníortnslion! ::::


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