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Miles Inc. Plasma Center

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Without Your Help Michelle may not gradúate A #m serious accident has ef her in shock. Ordinarily one of the first tasks S". J W mÊ I Mf00 for emergency personnel at an accident " ,. !, mm C""' 'i scène is to administer blooci plasma products intravenously. This is con ■ tinued in the emergency rcx)m and AA „ throughout the post-trauma recovery " ' perioo. -W-H ■ ■■■ í I serious shortage of blood plasma fcf caused by increased (iemand means Wm I tna Michelle and people like her need K your help. jCdmÊÈmÊÊ p Bk V-j fo(jy fo e.irn kjw yo can help. WtJÊJFTjM lrm BYou will be compensated for your time. fe I 1 New Donors Can Now Earn More ■ Miles Inc. Plasma Center 813 W. Michigan Avenue Ypsilanti, MI 48197 (313) 482-6790