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Thank you for your insights. Your intentions sound very honorable as far as the arts community is concemed. What I offered in the Galerie Jacques article was a glimpse of an alternative gallery which exists outside of your market, and stands for art which cannot be bought and sold in the same way that you buy and sell art. Your gallery, and the many galleries in this town, must handle commodities which can be sold to the public. What you have there must sell, or you are out of business. The rent for your space must be enormously high. You are fortúnate to have the resources necessary for such an operation. Jacques taught school for years in order to make a living. He did not come into this community with a lot of capital, nor does he have lots of it now. The fact that he is available by appointment and only keeps his place open on Saturdays is a direct result of the behavior of the public, a group who is interested almost exclusively in commodities. That is what Jacques said and it's what I wrote. I was not speaking for the "Art Scène" in this little metropolis. I was giving mostly Jacques' comments with some of my perceptions. Maybe the fact that I paint on garbage and discarded boards has something to do with it. Bear in mind this was an Art Fair issue, and this must have been the gentlest protest against Art Fair that I 've ever participated in. Good luck and thanks again for your viewpoint.


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