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V. THINGS TO DO IN DENVER 1 l WHEN YOÜ'RE DEAD 1 Hne of the most M g "T ■ exciting and L Êk m. 8? j l compelhng p M %ffiL MlÈÊÊ w T films to emerge from tÈkLa& aJBk m m Cannes'ThingstoDo mJÊ '■ in Denver When 1 m Vou're Dead," boasts ■ WW 11 V a superb cast and a . ■ stellar script. ÊÊ W The film follows W reformed gangster fiÉÉ í ■ Jimmy the Saint (Andy B W I García), whose quiet jjS fl life in Denver is ■"■l fl ■ rupted when his ex-boss (a craftily impressive Christopher ri ■ Walken) comes callingwith a job. Tocarry out the hit, Jimmy W ■ collectsotherformerhoodswithnameslikeCriticalBill(Treat vl ■ WUliams) and Pieces (Christopher Lloyd). When the job goes H l awry they find a lightning-quick killer (brilliantly played by H H Steve Buscemi) on their tail. W l - excerpted from a review by Lael Lowenstein, in "Boxoffice," Aug. 1995. ■ W 233 S. State Ann Arbor 994-4024 W P p fi L


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