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JUNE 1996 "Sol LeWitt: Five Wall Orawings" U M Museum of Art, 525 S. State. Conceptual art drawing by founder of conceptual art in the Museum Apse. Exhibit thru Aug. 4. 764-0395 "Folk and Outsider Art: An Ann Arbor CollectiorTU-M Museum of Art, 525 S. State St. Exhibit thru June 1 6. 764-0395 "The Place Series" Alexa Lee Gallery, 201 Nickels Arcade. Recent paintings by Jennifer Reeves thru June 1 5. 6638800 "A2 EVAPÓRATE H20: CULTURE CLAYSOCIETY" Art & the World Wide Web, 106 E. Liberty. J.T. Abernathy, Stan Baker, Chris Bates, Lily Blackburn, Ed Brownlee, Adelle Barres, Susan Crowell, Melissa Emeery, Jennifergraff , Cheri Haney, Jeri Hollister, Motawi Tile, David Parsons, Torn Phardel, I.B. Remsen, Jodi Rockwell, Stephanie Samuels, Jim Schulz, Bobbi Stevens, John Stephenson, Suzanne Stephenson, Margo West, Kay Yourist & Georgette Zirbes exhibit work of their choice thru June 1 5. Exhibit catalog on WWW at clayshow 213-1650 "Made in Suisse: Six European Outsiders" Galerie Jacques, 616 Wesley. Drawing, painting & sculpture by Carol Bailly, Frangois Burland, Maggie Daems, Kurt J. Haas, Rosemarie Koczy & Ignacio Carles-Torlá. Exhibit thru June 1 5. 6659889 "American Photographs" U-M Museum of Art, 525 S. State 82 works from UMMA collection. Exhibit thru June 23. 764-0395 "The Weddige Collection A Gift to the University" U-M Museum of Art, 525 S. State 20th C. & old master prints donated to U-M by Art Professor Emeritus Emile Weddige. Exhibit thru July 7. 7640395 "David Roberts: A Victorian's Passion for Egypt" Kelsey Museum of Archeology, 434 S. State. 8 original prints thru August 1 . 764-9304 "HUMANnafure" Anr Arbor Art Center, 1 1 7 W. Liberty. Steven Benson and David Greenwood exhibit thru June 1 9. 994-8004 Ann Blackwell The Arthouse, 110 E. Liberty. Photography thru June 7. 9947411 Adam LeemanThe Arthouse, 110 E. Liberty. Portrait painting thru June 14. 994-741 1 Brad Burkhart Matrix Gallery at Sweetwaters Cafe, 123 W. Washington. Iconographic ceramic reliëfs thru June 30. 663-7775 1 SATURDAY "Auto Show" Reception 6-9 pm, Cranbrook Art Museum, 1221 N. Woodward, Bloomfiekj Hills. 26 Mich. artists assess impact of automobile on our culture. Exhibit thru Sept. 1. 810-645-3323 2 SUNDAY "Themes and Variations" Opening 24 pm, Slusser Gallery, U-M School of Art, 2000 Bonisteel Blvd. Paintings by Mignonette Yin Cheng, retiring art professor. Exhibit thru June 27. 763-4417 "Figures and Faces"Opening 3-6 pm, Clare Spitier Works of Art, 2007 Pauline Ct. Jane Bunge Hoffke sculptures & Jill Donovan pastéis thru July 30. 662-891 4 Karen Izenberg Opening 3-5 pm, Ford Gallery, EMU, Ypsialnti. Paintings exhibited thru June 7. 995-2326 7 FRIDAY "Artful Gardens VIII" Reception 7-9 pm, 16 Hands, 216 S. Main. Garden art from 14 artists thru June 30. 761-1 110 "Winners On the Patio" 8 pm-12:30 am, Zhgerman's Delicatessen, 422 Detroit. View winners of 34th A2 Film Festival. $20 to benefit A2 Film Fest includes deli meal, cash bar. Rain date Sat. June 8. Reservations: 663-3400 14 FRIDAY "New York, New York" Opening 6-9 pm, Art & the World Wide Web, 106 E. Liberty. Two New York painters, Kevin Sudieth & Benjamin Pritchard exhibit thru July 13. Online catalog: http:mendez5000.comnew york 213-1650 22 SATURDAY Ernie Rogers Opening 8 pm, Gypsy Cafe, 214 N. 4th Ave. Portraits and abstracts. 994-3940 "Range of Motion" Ann Arbor Art Center, 117 W. Liberty. Photographs and kinetic works by Heidi Kumao thru July 28 Reception July 12, 6-8 pm. 9948004


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