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Lightning Bolt Computers

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JSjH ■& x ' J BV B# BJ B. Bfl BB JbIbbY BY BX BBVbI S Ü str'nës attached, nothing else to buy. il !_ƒ t In this ad you'll find free stuff for yourself, 5! IEEE yur business or your favorite organization! ■ S I ... and it's FREE! L jj; u '9 M' onlyor awhile! JÊÊ& n!W . ere ; )A Makes your computer a cash register m x ..1 giving ( VJ Ca" for Free Demo Disk & Info JSC 4eaWayr i. Point-Of-Sale Hardware: fl ■ ijájli neweSt 'Cash Register and Receipl Printer $395 11 m version, -SvJ' Rcceipt Printer $295 PS.Fn?í, for SlV Barcode reader (CCD WEDGE) $295 M f5 market tËl Ní CashDrawers$95-$199 jSy i testing! Complete Point-Of-Sale station: 1 O II Computer, Receipt Printer, Cash Drawer, II yOU OWn a Salon, Cali Keyboard, Monitor & Point-Of-Sale Software $1,799 (Regular Price $395) si, 999 with barcode reader Chuck those slow Internet ,'.,'j4t „ 5?? r" providers. With 15 modems ■ lr. ■ÉUÉ Jtjfl A and ISDN Unes, this is the - -[ ■"' }'Á ; Your own Afl ■ place for your Web page! Nsfec "J web page, H -.- designed forl ■ Never a tratfic jam at this site Free W Web Marketing Services Included " "j. P Visit us at or Cali for details Just LalL _ 0 jLA ëTY JSd Free 2 user networking software. 'ívTÍVMl 151 V) 191 Need cable or conectors? ... ' " I Tr cal' for Fri?e helP! n y We fix network problems 'Ti ', -■■;' H FREE Demo & More Into -g. f! 1 1) 480-4341 H '' JS2. ly1 ou '-'fctA pnirr; timirrr m rniv:r witiioiit -nnrr NnVFl 1. 1,(1170, PNF TB,tnF MABKS (1F lOVF! I INT


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