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UMS Concert Program, February 14, 2014 - February 22, 2014 - Compagnie Kafig; Joshua Bell; "The Suit", Theatre des Bouffes du No

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"UMS is a true jewel within the University of Michigan. Here, students, faculty. staff, alumni, and aspiring performers can see some of the most exceptional performing arts in the world. It is an integral pieotO~rS DU~I
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Senior T/cblt ~rvlcQS Manage-l14) IgorStravinsky §z BomJune 17, 1882inOranienbal.lrn near m~
St. Peters1:mg. Russia "
DiedApril6. 1971 in New York "o •
UMSpremiere:Italian violinistFmncoGulliOIl a UMSredtnl in 1969
SNAPSHOTS OF HISTORY..IN 1934: • Fred Astaireand Ginger Rogers star 'n The Goy
•AustrianchancellorE~DoU~i'> assass'nated by Austrian Nazi'>
• ShostakOYidl's opera Lady Macbeth 0{ the Mtsensk DistJicti'> first perforrrK!d 'n Len'ngrild
• Federico Gardil Lorca writes his play Y amo • HerYyMiIier publishes TropkO{Conce'"
Stravinsky professed a great love for t he music of Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky all his life.11rishasoftensurprisedthosewhosee Stravinskyastheultimateanti-Romantic. But life is often more complicated than it seems.Stravinsky was not necessarily opposed to all Romanticism (only to the Germanvariety).Andwhile he hadstudied with, and revered Rimsky-Korsakov
•o •"
•"~ z
and was. t herefore, t he artistic child of t he "Mighty HandfuL· his affinity for Tchaikovskywas arguably even stronger.
It started long before Stravinsky took up serious music studies. A t home, he had often seen the signed photograph that his father, the leading bass singer of St. Petersburg's Mariinsky Theatre, had received from Tchaikovsky after a memorable performance. As a young boy, he caught one fleeting glimpse of Tchaikovsky at t he opera; an image that, as he later wrote, ·remained in the retina of my memory all my life" - especially since Tchaikovsky suddenly died, at t he age of 53, just a few days after this memorable encounter.
As a mature composer, Stravinsky continued to cherish the refinement of Tchaikovsky's style, which appealed to him more than the music of the kFive" that often struck him as crude. His first musical homage to Tchaikovsky was the 1921 opera Movro, followed seven years later by the ballet Le boiser de 10 fee, commissioned by Ida Rubinstein for her new ballet company in Paris. The production was intended as a tribute to Tchaikovsky on t he 35th anniversary of his death. Stravinsky decided to base his score directly on Tchaikovsky's music, using selections not originally written for orchestra. He started to research Tchaikovsky's songs and shorter piano
works, some of which he had long known and some of which he was just discovering. He treated his sources with a great deal of freedom. In a few cases, he used direct quotation. More often. he creatively recomposed Tchaikovsky's themes, with extensive rhythmic and harmonic changes.
For the story of his ballet Stravinsky turned to the tales of Andersen. which had earlier inspired him in the opera The Nightingale. He described Andersen as a Ngentle, sensitive soul whose imaginative mind was wonderfully akin to that of the musician [Tchaikovsky]'- His choice fell on one of Andersen's less well-k nown stories, ""The Ice Maiden.· which was set in the high mountains of Switzerland. In thestory- whichStravinskytreatedwith the same freedom with which he rev-rrote Tchaikovsky's music - a fairy appears toa young man on the dayofhiswedding and using her magic powers, carries him off into a "land beyond time and space.-
In 1934, Stravinsky extracted an orchestralsuitefromLeboiserde10fee; he called the suite Divertimento, and arranged it for violin and piano the same year.The movements of this suite contain alxrut half of the complete ballet music.
Progromnotes by PeterLoki.
Joshua Bell performs on t he revered 300-year-old Gibson ex-H ubennan violin. believed to be one of only five or six instruments made in 1713 by Antonio Stradivari in Cremona Italy. Its connection to Bronislaw Huberman. a lE"Nish Polish violinist who lived from 1882-1947, is particularly fascinating. Huberman became one of the most celebrated musicians of his time, and performed in recital (along with soprano Caire Dux) on March 14.1922at HillAuditoriumon t he VMS Choral Union Series.In 1929, Huberman visitedPalestineandcameupwiththeideatoestablishaclassicalmusicpresencethere. The ne'/{ Palestine Symphony Orchestra made its debut in December 1936 with t he great Toscanini on the podium. at a time when many jev.rish musicians were being fired from European orchestras.The Palestine Symphony changed its name to the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra (IPO) when the state carne into being in 1948. The IPO will make t heir eighth UMS appearance on Saturday. March 15 at Hill Auditorium under the baton of music director, Zubin Mehta
Often referred to as the Npoet of the violin: JOSHUA BELL's stunning virtuosity, beautiful tone,andcharismaticstagepresencehave brought him universal acclaim.An Avery Fisher Prize recipient Mr . Bell received the New York RecordingAcademy Honors in June 2013. Recently appointed Music Director of the Academy of St. Martin-in- the-Fields. Mr. Bell is the first person to hold this title since Sir Neville Marriner formed t he orchestra in 1958. Their first recording under Mr. Bell's leadership of Beethoven'sSymphony Nos. 4 and 7 from Sony Qassical debuted in February 2013 at No. 1 on the Billboard Classical chart and they will next record t he Bach violin concertos.
Last fall Mr. Bell performed a South American recital tour with pianist Alessio Bax and a European tour with the Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. Mr. Bell also guests with the Houston. Dallas. and St. Louis symphonies.In 2014. he reunites with his beloved Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, directing Beethoven's Symphony Nos. 3 and 5. He
will also perform the Brahms concerto with the Vienna Philharmonic under the baton of Paavo Jarvi. and the Sibelius with Gustavo Dudamel conducting the Los Angeles Philharmonic. The current US recital tour with Sam Haywood. a perfonnance at the Kennedy Center with the National Symphony Orchestra and dates with the Los Angeles Philharmonic round out t he season
In 2007, Joshua Bell performed incognito in a Washington. DC subway station for a Washington Post story examining art and context. The story earnedwriterGeneWeingartenaPulitzer Prize and sparked an international firestorm of discussion The conversation continues to this day, thanks in part to the September 2013 publication of the illustrated children's book. The Man With the Violin by Kathy Stinson. illustrated by DuSan Petrieie' fromAnnick Press.
Mr. Bell has recorded more than 40 CDs garnering Mercury, Grammy, Gramophone, and Echo Klassik awards. His first holiday CD, released last fall and entitled Musical Gifts From Joshua Bell
"o •
and Friends features collaborations w i t h a r t i s t s i n c l u d i n g C h r i s 8ott~ K r i s t i n Otenoweth. Orick Corea Gloria Estefan. Renee Fleming. Placido Domingo, and Alison Krauss . Recent releases include French Impressions with pianist Jeremy Denk, t heeclecticAt HomeWithFriends, the Defiance soundtrack, Vivaldi's The Four Seasons, Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto with the Berlin Philharmonic, The Red Violin Concerto, Voice of the Violin, and Romance of the Violin, which Billboard named the 2004 NC l a s s i c a l C D o f t h e Y e a r , · a n d M r . B e l l the NClassical Artist of the Year: His discography encompasses critically acclaimed performances of t he major violin repertoire in addition to John Corigliano's Oscar-winning soundtrack, TheRed Violin.
&lrn in Bloomington. Indiana Mr. Bell received his first violin at age four and at 12 began studying with Josef Gingold at Indiana University.Twoyears later he came to national attention in his debut with Riccardo Muti and the Philadelphia Orchestra and, at 17, debuted at Carnegie Hall. Mr. Bell's career has now spanned over 30 years as a soloist, chamber musician. recording artist, and conductor.
Joshua Bell performs on the 1713 HuberrnanStradivarius.
If you feel overwhelmed facing medical appointments a lone, Partners in Care Concierge would like to serve you. 734.769.0209
Mr. Haywood attaches great •m
British pianist SAM HAYWOOD has performed to critical acclaim all over t he world. Alongside his busy solo and chamber music career, he is a composer and artistic director of the Solent Music Festival.This season he will make his US solodebutattheKennedyCenter. workshops,
importance to his work with young •"m
Lakes Academy, has written a children's opera and is regularly involved in family concerts,
§ z
"o •
Mr. Haywood recently recorded the piano works of Russian pianist-composer Julius Isserlis, grandfather of t he cellist Steven Isserlis for Hyperion.To celebrate Chopin's bicentennial year in 2010 he made the world premiere recording on Chopin's own Pleyel piano, part of t he Cobbe Collection. He also features on Joshua Bell's new album for Sony Masterworks, Musical Gifts and on a CD of t he works of the eight-year old prodigy, Alma Deutscher.
FollowinghisearlysuccessintheBBC Young Musician of the Year competition. the Royal Philharmonic Society awarded him their prestigious Isserlis Award. Mr. Haywood studied with Paul Badura- Skoda in Vienna where he began his enduring love-affair with opera. At the RoyalAcademyofMusicinl..ondon hewas mentored by t he renowned teacher Maria Curcio, a pupil of Artur Schnabel
and master classes . His Song of the Penguins, for bassoon and piano, is
published by Emerson Editions. He has also commissioned works by composers John Mcleod and Oliver Davis.
Outside his musical world he is passionate about his native Lake District, literature, technology, and magic. For more information about Sam Haywood. please visit his website at www.samhaywood.comor follow him on Twitter@samhaywo(xt ·
people.He is an ambassador to the West •mZ
In April 2012. Joshua Bell was presented with the UMS Distinguished Artist Award at the 2012 Ford Honors Program at Hill Auditorium. This afternoon's recital marks Joshua Bell's seventh appearance under VMS auspices, four as orchestral soloist or recitalist and two as violinist/music director. Mr. Bell made his VMS debut in October 1989 as violin soloist in Sibelius' Violin Concerto with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra under t he baton of Yoel Levi at Hill Auditorium. UMS welcomes Sam Haywood who makes his VMS debut this afternoon
Sunday. March 30. 4 pm Hill Auditorium
PerfOfminll music that links today's improvisers with the rich history of traditional and contemporary bill- band composition, Wynlan Marsalis's Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra brinKs an expansive range of music to the most treasured international sta ges.
SPONSORED BY Ford Motor Corrpany and Comrrunity Services Fund
CONCERTMASTER SPONSORS Bank of Ann Arbor: Miller. Canfield. Paddedk, Marie-Helene EsUenne, and Franck Krawczyk
Wednesday Evening, February 19,2014 at 7:30 Thl.l'sday Evening, February 20, 2014 at 7:30 Friday Evening, February 21, 2014 at 8:00 Saturday Evening, February 22, 2014 at 8:00 Power Center' Ann Arbor
53rd, 54th, 55th, and 56th Performances of the 135th Annual Season International Theater Series
Photo: T/lQ Suit; photClirapher:Johan PQoI'sson.
,• ,
CREATIVE TEAM Direction, adaptation, and musical direction by
Peter Brook, Marie-Helene Estienne, and Franck Krawczyk Lighting Design
Philippe Vialatte Costume Design
OriaPuppo Assistant Director
Rikki Henry PR OG R A M
A co-production between Fondazione Campania de;Festival /Napoli Tootro Festiva/ltalia, Les Theatres de 10 Ville de Luxembourg, Young Vic Theatre, Theatrede10Place- Liege
The Suit is approximately 75 minutes in duration and is performed without i n t e r m i s s i o n .
Following Wednesday evening's performance, please feel free to remain in your seats and join us for a post-performance Q&A with members of the company.
Funded in part by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.
Media partnership provided by WOET 101.9 FM, Mkhisan Radio 91.7 FM, and ~ the Linqs.
Special thanks to Naomi Andr(>, Clare Croft, Arrr-I Chavasse, Larry La Fountain-Stokes, PrisciUa Undsay, Gillian Eaton, Anita Gonzalez, Rob Najarian, the U-M Theatre Department, and Daniel He!witz, lor thei' support oland participation in events s~oundinG these performances by ThMtre des BouIIes dJ Nord,
ThMtre des Boulles du Nord appears by arranGement with David Eden Productions,
z •"
•m CAS T •"m
Jordan Barbour •mZ
lvannoJeremiah Nonhlanhla Kheswa
Musidons Arthur Astier, Guitar Mark Christine,Piano Mark Kavuma Trumpet
~re 1"heOtredesBooffesdllNon:I.Fhris,April3.2012 Production: CLCT./lMirre desBooffesdll Non:! With the suAXlI'tofthe Cl.R T.
What was it that pushed us to return to Le Costume - a play that had already toured the world in French for many years? The answer is quite simple - nothing in the theater stands still some themes just wear out while others long to live again
It all began in South Africa in t he 1950$ when a brilliant black author, Can Themba wrote a short story called The Suit."1lriswillchangeourlifeandmakeour fortune: he told his wife, but fate decided otherwise.Apartheid decided otherwise. Like all black authors dead or alive his books were banned and Can Themba was exiled to Swaziland where he quickly died of poverty, sadness. and drink.
Many years went by before it was
possible to turn it into a play. The first
version came into being in Johannesburg z
at t he Market Theatre, it went to London and became, later, in a nE'V{ adaptation Ie Costume. •
It was quite natural for the trio of A M09ic Flute to come together again to present The Suit in its original language - English. Letting music from different sourcestobeheard-fromFranzSchubert to Miriam Makeba - performed and sung by asmall group of actors and musicians.
- Peter Brook. Marie Helene Estienne, and Fronek Krawczyk
m "o
,• ,
s outh Af,ican write' Can Themb"s novel The Suit was supposed to change the writer's life.Tragically,
the cruel restrictions of apartheid in his native country meant that his life changed in a completely different way. He went in to exile in Swaziland his works bannedin South Africa. He died an alcoholic before hismostfamousworkwasadaptedforthe stage by Mothobi Mutloatse and Barney Simon at Johannesburg's Market Theatre in the nE"N'ly liberated SouthAfrica of the 1990s.
Renowned director Peter Brook previously adapted that stage version and took it on tour in a French-language production. Now he has decided to give t he work new life by returning to its source language of English.Working with his long-time collaborator Marie-Helene
Estienne and composer Franck Krawczyk, they have adapted the play and set it to music from sources as diverse as Franz Schubert andMiriam Makeba.
The story of The Suit centers on Philomen. a middle-class lawyer, and his wife, Matilda.The suit of the title belongs to Matilda's lover and is left behind whenPhilemoncatchestheillicitcouple in flagrante. As punishment, Philemon makes Matilda treat the suit as an honoredguest.Shehastofeeditentertain it and take it out for walks as a constant reminder of her adultery. But the setting of Sophiatown. a teeming township that was erased shortly after Themba wrote his noveL is as much a character in the playas the unfortunate couple, and this production lends it life and energy even with a minimal cast.
Timon of Athens, The Iks, Ubu aux Bouffes, CcnferenceoftheBirds,L'Os, The Cherry Orchard, The Mohobhorota. Woza Albert!, The Tempest. The Man Who, Qui est 10. Happy Dlys,Jesuis unPhenomene, Le Costume, The Tragedy of Hamlet, Far Away, La Mort de Krishna. TaMoin dans laMienne, The Grand Inquisitor, Tierno Bokar, Sizwe Bonzi, Fragments, Warum Worum.LoveismySin.ElevenandTwelve, and most recently, The Suit - many of these performing in both French and English.
In opera he directed La Boheme, Boris Godounov, The Olympians, Salome and Le Nozze de Figaro at Covent Garden; Faust and Eugene Onegin at the Metropolitan Opera House, New York, La Tragedie de Carmen and Impressions of Pelleas,at the Bouffes du Nord Paris.Don Giovunni for the Aix en Provence FestivaL
0 •"
BROO K adaptation. music) was born in
London in 1925 . Throughout his career, he distinguished himself in various genres: theater, opera cinema and writing.
He directed his first play in London in 1943. He then went on to direct over 70 productions in London, Paris, and New York. His work with the Royal Shakespeare Company includes Love's Labour's Lost (1946), Measure for Measure (1950), Titus Andronicus (1955~ King Lear (1962), Marat/Sade (1964), US (1966), A Midsununer Night's Dream (1970), and Antony and Cleopatra (1978).
In 1971 he founded with Micheline
Rozan t he International Centre for
•5 Theatre Research in Paris and in 1974,
opened its permanent base in the Bouffes du Nord Theatre. There, he directed
andUneflUteenchonteeattheBouffesdu shownattheTheatredesBouffesdu
• •m
No,d(20l0). Peter Brook is the recipient of many
rewards, including the Prix du Brigadier for Timon ofAthens (l97S~ the Moliere for the direction of The Tempest (1991~ t he Grand Prix SACD in 2003, and t he MolierE' dltonneur in 201l.
Additional critically acclaimed productions include Fragments (Prix Premio Ubu for the NBest Foreign Production" in Italy/Milano, 2008), and Une F1Ute Enchantee (Moliere, Paris 2011; Moroccan Federation of Theater's professionals. Marrakech 2013).
Peter Brook's autobiography, Threads of Time, was published in 1998 and joins other titles including The Empty Space (1968) - translated into over 15 languages, The Shifting Point (1987), There ore no.$ecrets (1993~Evoking (and Forgetting)Shakespeore(1999),andWith Gcotowski (2009).
His films include Moderato Cantabile (1959), Lord of the Flies (1963), Marat/ $ode (1967), Tell me lies (1967), King Lear (1969), Meetings with Remarkable Men (1976~ The Mohobhorota (1989~ and The Tro9edy OfHomlet (2002).
Nord. She wrote t he French adaptation of theCan Themba's play Le Costume, and mz
In received t he Prix Herve Dugardin and t he 1974, MARIE-HELENE PrixdelaSACEMforhisorchestralpiece
ESTlENNE (direction,. adaptation,.
music) worked with Peter Brook on the casting for Timon of Athens, and consequently joined the Centre International de Creations Theatrales (CICT) for the creation ofUbu cruxBouffes in 1977.
She was Peter Brook's assistant on La Tragedie de Carmen, Le Mohabharoto, and collaborated on the staging of The Tempest, Impressions de Pelleas, Woza AlbertL and La Tragedie dHomlet (2000). She worked on the dramaturgy of Qui est 10.With Peter Brook, she co-authored LHomme Qui andJe suis un phe'nomene
Ruines . His subsequent collaboration with Christian Boltanski gave him new perspectives on his music. With lighting designer Jean Kalman, he created adozen pieces in France and abroad in locations ranging from opera houses to spaces dedicated tocontemporary art.
He also developed new forms of musical creations for various media: theater(Jerisdemevoirsibellewith1. Brochen), readings (Les Limbes, Absence, with E. Ostrovski), video (Private Joke with F; Sales), and for dance (Purgotorio- In vision, with E. Greco and P.e. Scholten). Always maintaining strong link s to
Sizwe Bansi est mort, by authors Athol Fugard John Kanl andWinston Ntshona. In 2003 she wrote the French and English adaptations of Ie Grand inquisiteur/The Grand Inquisitor based on Dostoievsky's BrothersKaramazov.Shewastheauthor of Tierno Bokor in 2005, and of the English adaptation of Eleven and Twelve by Amadou Hampate Ba in 2009. With Peter Brook, she co-directed Fragments, five short pieces by Beckett, and again with Peter Brook and composer Franck Krawczyk, she freely adapted Mozart and Schikaneder's Die Zauberflote into Une
BflUteenchontee .
om KRAWCZYK (composer) began his musical training in Paris and
1968, FRANCK then studied composition in Lyon where
he currently teaches chamber music at " 0
theConservatory(CNSMD).Mr.Krawczyk " was discovered by the Festival d'Automne • aParis and began composing several pieces for piano, cello, string quartet, ensembles, and chamber choir.In 2000, he
m "
,• T
the classical repertoire, Mr. Krawczyk collaborated with Accentus choir's conductor Laurence Equilbey (Vivaldi. Chopin, Schubert, Liszt, Wagner, Mahler, Schoenberg) and cellist Sonia Wieder-Atherton (Janacek, Mahler, Rachmaninoff, Monteverdi).
In2009,uponPeterBrook'srequest he conceived and interpreted a musical accompaniment for Shakespeare's sonnets (Love is my sin). They continued their collaboration with Marie-Helene Estienne on Une flUte enchontee, a free adaptation of Mozart's opera created in November 2010 at the Theatre des Bouffes du Nord in Paris and currently touring internationally.
His last major work, Fblvere for solo cello, instrumental ensemble, and choir, was created in 2010 at t he Grand Palais for Monumenta and was performed in New York, Milan, and Bologna. He is currently working on his third string quartet.
JORDAN BARBOUR is an actor and singer based out of New York City. Born in Willingboro, New Jersey in 1983, Mr. Barbour began working professionally while still in high school before moving to New York, where he attended a joint program between Columbia University and The Juilliard School. At Juilliard he studied vocal performance under the tutelage of David Clatworthy . Upon completion of the program in 2005, he worked with New York Theatre Workshop, St. Ann's Warehouse, Urban Stages, Alabama Shakespeare FestivaL Williamstown Theatre Festival, and Syracuse Stage (where he received a Syracuse Area Live Theatre kBest Actor"
NORD is located near the Gare
du Nord in Paris. Peter Brook found the former music hall in decline in 1974 and decided to honor t he theater's lOO-year history by preselVing it in a state of decay. Built in 1876, the theater foughtanout-of-the-waylocationand a long succession of directors until it was finally condemned and dosed in 1952. Since Mr. Brook revived it, it has presented revolutionary productions. induding Lo Tr0gedie de Cormen, The Mohobhoroto, and Tierno Bokor. Mr. Brook and partner Micheline Rozan, in addition to retaining the building's history, decided to make the theater as open and accessible as possible with reasonable ticket prices and family- friendly matinees. Mr. Brook stepped dovmin 2011 handing the directorship to Olivier Mantei and Olivier Poubelle.
UMS welcomes Theatre des Bouffes du Nord os the comp:my makes their UMS debut this week.
nomination for his work as AsIan in The Lion, The Witch. ond The Wordrobe). Mr. Barbour has premiered several new works in the US and internationally, including the world premiere of Langston inHorlem,anoff-Broadwaymusicalabout the life of famed poet Langston Hughes. in which Mr. Barbour appeared as Countee Cullen at Urban Stages in New York City. Mr. Barbour performed at Pasadena Playhouse in t he premiere of Stormy Weather, a musical about the life of Lena Home (played by Leslie Uggams) in which Mr. Barbour played Teddy Jones. her son. Additionally. Mr. Barbour helped create and then subsequently tourThe Shipment by New York playwright Young Jean Lee.
0 •"
z •"
•5 •z
He has performed in The Shipment at venuesaroundtheglobe,includingstops at the Festival d'Automne in Paris. France; Theater Spektakel in Zurich, Switzerland; Hebbel Theater in Berlin Germany;Thalia Theater in Hamburg, Germany; and the Sydney Opera House in Sydney,Australia
IV ANNO JEREMIAH is a Ugandan- bornactorwhocurrentlylivesinLondon. He studied drama at the British School of Performing Arts and won a place at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) wherehegraduatedin2010.Mr.Jeremiah was the recipient of The Alan Bates Bursary in 2010, which commemorates the work of Alan Bates and is awarded annually toan actor of exceptional talent.
Theater credits include:Octavius in Julius Caesar with the Royal Shakespeare Company in London and international tour; Truth and Reconciliation at the Royal Court; Welcome Home at the Pleasance; and As You Like It at the West Yorkshire Playhouse. During his time at RADA, Mr. Jeremiah performed in a variety of classical playsincludingRomeo and Juliet, Agamemnon. and The Seagull.
Filmcreditsinclude:The Veteran and Papadopoulos andSons.Mr.Jeremiah had a leading role in the acclaimed lV series The Jury II and also appeared in Injustice, alsoforIlV.
Born in Soweto, Johannesburg and raised in Alexandra NONHLANHLA KHESW A was encouraged at a very young age by teachers to be proud of her storytelling gifts. At age 16 she began a professional stage career on Broadway in Disney's The Lion King. An accomplished singer not only within South Africa's celebratedvocal traditions but also in jazz and pop music, Ms.Kheswa has toured the world as a featured vocalist with Wyclef Jean and has performed regularly, with her own ensembles, before audiences
•m in New York, where she has primarily •"
residedforadecade.Plansareafootforan •m album with China's most famous classical mZ
pianist Lang Lang.
Born in 1985, ARTHUR ASTIER has played both guitar and bass guitar with various different rock bands. Drawn to innovative means of expression. he put hisguitarstotheserviceofotherartistic forms such as plastic arts, theater, and classical music, principally by means of collaboration with the composer Franck Krawczyk: Je ris de me voir si belle directed by Julie Brochen, as well as a host of Boltanski/Kalrnan/Krawczyk productions including 0 Mensch!, Festival d'Automne; Happy Hours, Biennale d'Art Contemporain de Lyon; Pleins Jours, Theatre du CM-telet; Gute Nacht, Nuits Blanches Paris; and Polvere, Monumenta 2010 Paris (GrandPalais).
MARK CHRISTINE is a classically m~ trained actor and musician currently based "o in LosAngeles. He has performed in both • playsandmusicalsatsomeofthetopregional theaters in t he US including the Guthrie Theatre, Center-Theatre Group/Mark Taper Forum. La Jolla Playhouse, Denver Center, andShakespeareSantaCruz.
Film and television credits include: The New Year, Fortitude, The List, and t he independent 1V pilot The Bond.
Mark has music directed , orchestrated and accompanied for a variety of theaters and independent projects over the past decade, including works at Harlem Stage and Signature Theatre. He has played at numerous venues in New York and Los Angeles in addition to clubs and concert halls across the country. He studied classical piano from age four and over the years has learned avariety of instruments including accordion. guitar, saxophone, tuba and harmonica
He holds an MFA from UC San Diego! La Jolla Playhouse and a BFA from the University of Michigan
MARK KA VUMA is fast becoming one of the best young trumpet players on the British jazz scene. Having been voted best soloist at t he first Essentially Ellington competition in t he UK. Mr. Kavuma managed to land himself two prestigious gigs as guest soloist with the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis
Only 20 years old and still advancing his studies at Trinity College of Music, Mr. Kavuma performs regularly with Jazz Jamaica Nu Civilization Orchestra Brinsley Ford (Aswad), Denis Batiste, Jay's Jitter Jive band Dub reggae group Kalichakra Kinetika andleadinghisovm trio and quintet Mr. Kavuma has played at most of London's top venues, including t he Royal Festival Hall Royal Albert Hall t he Barbican, Queen Elizabeth Hall t he Roundhouse, and the Rivoli Ballroom. In addition, having supported jazz legend John Hendricks at Ronnie Scott's Jazz Cub, Mr. Kavuma is one of the youngest performers to lead his own ensemble at t he Cub's famous late show.
Mr. Kavuma has been involved with groups such as NYJO, lWYJO, and Trinity Jazz Ensemble.Television credits include: t he Fbul O'Grady Show, BBC One, and with Marcus Collins.
Currently, Mr. Kavuma is involved with The National Theatre's production of Amen Corner.
RIKKI HENRY (assistant director) studied Film Production at the University for t he Creative Arts. Previously at t he Young Vic, he directed t he Young People's production of Government Inspector. As assistant director at t he Young Vic, his work includes Vernon God Little, Armie
Get Your Gun, and the Young People's productionsofUndeVanyaandKingLeor. Other recent directing work includes: FromDavertoColais(A TC/BristoIOldVic/ Young Vic); Jitney (monologue by August Wilson) (Trafalgar Arts/The Old Red lion); Woza Albert! (staged reading) (Albany/ Stonecrabs Theatre); and The Moment Before (Warehouse Theatre Croydon/ Strawberry Picking Festival).Mr.Heruy's assistant directing credits also include: When the Chickens Come Home to Roost, Urbln Legends (National Theatre Studio); and Ghosts or Those Who Return (Arcola).
ORIA PUPPO (costume design) is a scenographer and costume designer who divides her time between Buenos Aires and Paris. In Argentina she has created stage sets and costumes for directors Diego Kogan. RafaelSpregelburd Roberto Villanueva Ciro Zorzoli. andA. Tantanian. She has collaborated with the latter in Lucerne, Switzerland. and in Stuttgart and Mannheim. Germany, staging Kafka's Amerika and Brecht's The Threepenny Opera.She has worked with the Bouffes du Nord on two Peter Brook productions: Tierno Bokar and A Magic Flute. She was the technical director of the Buenos Aires International Festival from 1999 to 2007 and her creations include several stage sets and costumes for opera as well as performative installations in contemporary art spaces.She is working on the stage sets for a production of Handel'sLaResurrezione, directed by lilo Baur for the Paris National Opera'sAtelier Lyrique.She isalsoatwork on the sets and costumes for Jean Genet's The Maids, in a Ciro Zorzoli production featuring Marihl Marini, to be staged in BuenosAires.
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PHILIPPE VIALATI'E (lightingdesign) started at the Theatre des Bouffes du Nord in 1985 as a light operator on Le Mahabhorato. directed by Peter Brook . He assisted Jean Kalman for the light design of Woza Albert! and La Temp€te, directed by Peter Brook. Since the creationofTheManWhoinFbrisin1993, he has designed lighting for all plays directed by Mr. Brook at the Bouffes du Nord:Qui est 10, Je suis un phe'nomene, Le Costume, The Tragedy of Hamlet, For Away, La mort de Krishna, La Tragedie d'Homlet, Ta main dons la mienne, Tierno Bokor, Le Grand Inquisiteur, Sizwe Bonzi est mort, Fragments, 11 and 12, and recently,AMagicFlute.Hetourswith these productions and adapts the lighting foreachvenue.
DAVID EDEN PRODUCTIONS, LTD (DEP) (US tour producer) has been one of the leading American organizations devoted to producing international work in the US for over 25 years. Most recently, DEP has produced US tours of
Batsheva Dance Company, Theatre de la •m
Ville's production of Ionesco'sRhinoceros •"m
(2012), the Republic of Georgia's •mZ
Ensemble Basiani, Gate Theatre Dublin's Endgame/Watt and Krapp's Last Tape (2012, 2011), Maly Drama Theatre's Three Sisters (2012) at BAM, as well as North American tours of Galway's Druid Theatre's Cripple of lnishmaan, and The Walworth Force (2009). David Eden has worked extensively with major presenting institutions on special projects. including lincoln Center (Mostly Mozart, White Light Festival and Great Performers), and the John F. Kennedy Center for the Arts. In 2004, Mr. Eden curated lincoln Center Festival's Ashton Celebration, a two-week centennial retrospective at the Metropolitan Opera House celebrating master choreographer Sir Frederick Ashton.
DaridEdiln Productiom
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Key Private Bank investments Itrust Ibanking -w
working in concert
At Key Private Bank, we understand that your fiJlanciallife is c omplex, and we take a holistic approach to your planning noods. We listen to your story, get to know your history. identify your unique financial needs. and create an actionable plan designed to help you grow, preserve. and protect your wealth.
Key Private Bank is people, ideas, and flrnmcial instruments. working in concert to provide solutions for your financial well-being.
go 10 ca ll Susan aI 734-747-7970
BII,.I>"Idtrli!!prcWcto/remKey!l.YlkNatmalAssociabl.MemOOrFOIC;njE~ Ib.iIingl....,IrMlstmoot
Key,WT\ i• • federaIy mg~terod """""" mlri:0I KeyCorp, C 2012 KeyC:p, KeyBank is Member FDIC. /,[0520- 1181')
At Toyota, we celebrate differences . And the people who make them.
Toyota is proud to support tile UrIivefsitV Uusical ~ and their OJImIitmenl to connecIiIg audiences with performing artists from around the world in uncomrnoo and er'l\laging experiences,
ASSOCIATES (CONTINUED). Allred and Ther"", Hero Ron and SUe Heys Ml llkentHI\l~'"
G-Ideon and ca,oI Hotferve and (,jadys Shl~..,. jean and Thoma, Shope Nina SlIber~lelt Edward and Kathy SIlver Robert and ElaIne Slm, ScottandjoanSln~
tl lu1a~su.rn M MabeUe Hsuet>
Audrey). Hunt ofWn tl m....,"'Yo(ROU* E:. /;ter TOO\lood KateandPhl~pSopeor Dof" and Larry SperU~ )Im Spevak
Held stant-WoIskl and Tl"Ioma )ac:QUI'~ne LewI,
Aitho.x and Ka,en Undenl>el1! Ann Marie Uplnsld MIke and Debra L/suU Daniel uttle and BeY1oY
Char.... P. and Judy B. Luca, M~S.Luthef Frode and Marilyn Maaseidv""l! Donald and Jane MacQueen Wnllam and Jutta Maim
)ohn P!;.a,outhak" and Antl~onl Kelatoe\annl'
The Q.>arter B"lJo and Tavean L. )adfVIrripwn PalJk\a and TeJT'IITompIdn' Hitom Tonomo.xa
HuIlo and Karla Vandersypen V1lla~e COfner Cha,.... R and 8art>ara H. W all~ren )oAnn ward
Wnllam and SUsan WeadodI: Rkt\a,dand Madelon W eber· Mary linda Wl'bster ladst.....ant jane and EdHard Sd.....ak )otIn SN.JItz PI"IoIorS~Orchestra (111mHoIdIn~Inc.
Mr and Nonna DavISan"U'>dF""",t Sara and Mlc:haeI "'aniIa's BooIcs DanIel and Sarah Nic:oli M~1e 0ItYI'r GilbertOmennandMarthaoarlln~ Oz\ Mus!r'slm RonandEileen~ The West End GI1U WhatCrepe? Ann and Clayton Wilhite Larry and Andl Wolf YanIoI:o£rap/'ly Glen Arbor cabin LLC Anne and Paul Glendon The G
Kl Carolyn KniII!~
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The Bel T""""" Hotel '00 """""" JudiBobrowandjonDl'serbel'l! ~~ FrancineBomar L~ All""""""'anRestao.xant Unda and Maur\c:e BI!i::N e harll'5 and Judith Lucas BladrstarF"'m5 RobertandPeill'sonMacek BedUsIM ~~~
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