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Devil Dogs Motorcycle Club of Ann Arbor, July 1939

Devil Dogs Motorcycle Club of Ann Arbor, July 1939 image
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Ann Arbor News, July 20, 1939
Devil Dogs Best Dressed: For the third consecutive year the Devil Dogs of Ann Arbor have won the trophy for being the best dressed motorcycle club in the state. In the above picture the Devil Dogs and they're striking uniforms display their trophies. At the right is the cup one in 1937, the little trophy is the 1939 award while the shield was one in 1938. The Devil Dogs received honorable mention last year as being one of the outstanding clubs in the country during 1938. The climax of the 1939 season will be reached Sunday when the Devil Dogs sponsor a national hill-climb in Scio Township. Bottom row, left to right, Vance Holmgrene, Walter Paul, secretary; Don Russ, road captain; Erwin Krueger, president; Jim Helzerman, vice-president; Frank Helzerman, treasurer; Art Borkin. Second row: Bill Vogel, Francis Helzerman, Ed Butcho; Russ Wilson, Mildred Helzerman, Harry West, Lem Svajian, Ruth Waler and Al Vogel. Third row: Bob Miller, Herb Harper, Bud Conde, Henry Winslow, Ed Schmid, John Van Allen. Top row: Bob Hale, Mrs. Bob Hale, Louis Payne, Junior Pene Clough, Vina La Bardge and Wellington White. Non-members not present when the above picture was taken include Jim Lewis, Iggy Katona and Carl Hainen, Frank Vanschoict and Guy Ross.

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