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German Springerle Cookie Boards, December 1949

German Springerle Cookie Boards, December 1949 image
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Ann Arbor News, December 21, 1949
These three Springerle models, owned by Mrs. Mack Ryan of N. Division St., are fine examples of the hand-carved boards which have been used for generations by Ann Arbor families of German descent. The wreath-design board at the top of the picture, which dates back to 1831, was brought to Ann Arbor by her great-grandmother, Mrs. Frederick Staebler. The board in the foreground is also more than 100 years old. The rolling pin type of Springerle model, pictured in the center, was rarely made in the old days although it is most popular now. This one, brought here in the 1870's, belonged to Mrs. Ryan's aunt, the late Mrs. John Schmid. Many of the finest Springerele boards were made in Stuttgart, Germany. Mrs. Paul Kempf of Oxford Rd., however, treasures one that was carved more than 100 years ago by a young man for his sweetheart as a Christmas present.
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