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Douglas' Letter Of Acceptance

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Washington, June 22. Guxtlkmen: - ín aocordunce with thc verbal neooptance wiiich I gave you vvhon you placed in my hands "the autheiitiu evidenoe of my noraiiratioi íor the Pi-esidency by tho Nationa Conveution of the Democratie partv I novv send you ray formal acceptance Upon a careful exnmination of tho platform of pjrinoipjea adopted at Ohar lest.on and re affirmed al Baltknore with an additional resol ution whioh ii in perfect hannony with the others, . íind it to be a fuithful embodyment oi the time-hoaored principies oí' the Doüi ocratic party as the samo vvas pro clairned and understood by all partios in the Presidential contests oí 1848 1852 and 1850. Upon looking into thu proceedings of the Oonvention, afeo I find that the nomination was made with great unanimity in tho presencu and with the concurrence of moro tlian two-thirda of tho whole number o. delegates, and in exact conjurreaco with the long established usages of the party. My inflexible purposo not to be a candidato nor accept the nomina tion under any conti ngency except as tbyegular nominee of tho National De inocratic party, and in that case only upon the condition that the usage as well as the principies of the party shouk be strictly adhered to, had boen próclairned for a loog time and böcoina wol known to the country. Tliose conditions having all beeu complied with by the open and volunbiry ction of the Democratie masses and their faithful representativos without any agoncy, in torference, or procuroment on rnv part, I foei bound in honor and duty to accept the nomination. In taking this step I am not unmind ful of the responsibilities it imposes, but with firm roliance upon Divine l'rovidence I havo the faith that the peo])lo wil! comprehend the truo nature of the issues involyed, and eventually inaintain the right The peacé of the country and the porpetuity of the Union have been put in joopardy by atternpts to interiore with, and to control the domestic afiairs of the pcople in the Territorios through the agoncy oí the Federal Government. If the power and the duty of tho ral mterference is to be coíKsedud, two bostilo soctional partías mv.-t bw the inovitnble result; the one nflaming tho passions and ambition of tho IVorlh, and the othor of tho South, and each stmg gling to use the Federal power and authonty for aggrandizement of its pwn 'iection, nt thu exfiense of tho rqual ightt of the other and a deragatión of those fundamental principies,- tho principies of so!f -giivorninent, wliich wero innly established iti tliis country hv thu American revolnlion as the básíá oí Óur eutii'e repiílilican systcin. Daling tho nemoralile pei'iod bf o'tu pnüiical hi.sto■y, when thc 3Y0aaíea of Federal intcrvention upon tho subject of sluverv in lie Territorios hai, ucll niii procipjtaod tho country info revolntiop. the SForthern ihtervéntionists emandíng tho Wilmot proviso for the prohibition oí siavery, and tho ooutbern Hrtervenionists, then ibw iu numbur and witli mi a single representativo in uil lier loue of Conofress, insisting upon 3ongres8siona. Lögislation fortbe p-o eotion of slavery in opposition to Ihe vishes of tho penplc. ín eithor cuso.', t wil! be remeinbered th:it it r]oired all tlia wisdom, power, and íiiUlciicü of a Clay, ana a Wobster. and a C'ass, supporlcd by thö conseivativo and patnotio men of tlio VVliig ml Damocratiu pnrlius of thnt duy to advise and carry out :i line of ])olicy wliirl, vvoiiltl rastoro peaeo to tho country, and stabilil.y to the Union. Thn essüntial living principie of that poKcy, au applied to thé (agisltütioH of 1858, was, and now is non-intervejition by Congress nrith slavcrv La the Trritories. The fair ipplicution of this jnst ;:r,d equitablü principio rcstored harrnony and fraternity to :u distracted country. If wo now depart from Uiat vise and polioy which produced these happy resulta; and pcnnit üie country to bo again distracted - f preoipttnted into revolution by a sectional contest betwoon pro-slavery and anti-slavery interventionists, whert; shall we look for unother Olay, a nother Webster, or another Cass, to pilot the ship of State over the breukers. into a hieven of peace and safety ? The Federal Uuion mus' be prcserv d. The Constitution must bo rnaintuined inviolatu in all ita parts. Every right guarantied by the Constitution must bo proteotcd by law, in all cases where legislación is necessary to lts enforeemenb The judicial authority, -as proviiled for in the Constitution, munt be sustaincd, and its decisions implicitiy obcyed and faith fully executod The laws must be administered, and the constituted authorities respected, and all unlawful resistance to these things must be met with firmness, impartiality and fidelity, if we cxpect to enjoy and transmit un impaired to our posterity that blessed inheritance which we have received in trust from the patriota and snges of the Revolut'on, With sincero thanks for the kind and agrueable manner in which you have made known to me the rction of the convention, I have the honor to be, very respectfully, your triond and iollow-cit .en, (Signed,)