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BY M'.ki.'.s vinslow. Xu beiiiitiful tM will twinkle Tó;night thri r.i;h iny riudow ]ana As I Bit in t In.? galhering jhadffw And lit to t Ij o fulting rain - The niinilmí comea dancing and drippinu Down frota tin; moasj' caves Tlinfc riï3tlts aniong llie dftisifl Aiul iiidts in tlic dewy lcavos. 'TU n k nd of drcamy pleosnre Tü sir uil n lom' WJth tho ruin And tliink of tlm joys mul sorrows 'J'liat nevor will eome agaiu 'T was a bonuliful thouglit of ft poet - And to-night in my hcart it rings - That "ii BöJVpw's crcwn of sorrow [e renieüiberiDg happier .iing ." F:'.r lov.-n in Uic hearts dim ohanibr "Wlurc is beried thejoyoua past Are the memories of happy childhood Too buautiful far to laat. Dark ains that werélong forgotten Come rüsliing to me again Throwing around me tlicir sliadows As my U-ars ke.-p lime with tlio rain. The wind is elirieking an. moaning And tdSíing the ;ris3 in the l'en - II whitles among the willow And inournfuily lgi)3 in ihe glen As T sit in the gthering shadows And list to the dancing rain As it faüs from the dripping brunches And dashts against the pane.


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