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The Scotchman Outwitted

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-A Scottish nobleman, of no bright parts, ohatting once with the Duchess of Dovonshire, sho asked how it happened that the Scots in general made a much better figure from home than in Scotlaud. 'Oh,' said ho, 'nothing is so easily accouated for. For the honor of the nation persons are statioued at every egress to see that none but men of ability leave the country.' 'Then,' answered shc, 'I suspect your lordship was smutled.' EST" A paper published at Cberbottrj, Franuu, announces tho spoedj corapletion of the steel plated frigato Normandie. The plating is snid to be BO thick that ;i cannon b.'ill coiild not penétrate it unloss it ahould strike tho same spot thirteen timas. A epear projocts frotn her prow w'iioh is dasigned when impelled by steam to out an opposing ship in two. This addition ia regarded as a remarkable progresa in the construction oí such steumcrs. L3S" Tho man who did not tbink it respoctuble to bring up his children to work, ha jtist heard of his sons. One Í3 a drier on a canal, ttnother has been takei up as a vagraat, and a third has gone to a pablia :nstitution to learn tho shoe-making buísinesa under a keopur. A Natvkal Mistare. - Tho late witty Samuel "Wüliam Riley, author of the Itinerant, sneing a ]iroud and soWmn man of sixty s welling down Lord Street, Liverpool, íiccosted him, polituy touching his bat, "Excuse ir,e, sir, stopping you in the straet, but I just wished to inquiro tho ront of the house, No. 10 Grent George Btreei." "Sir," replied his haughtinesp,"Ihavo no house in Grent George street," "O, I beg a thousand pardons, sir,:' Piiid Mr. R., "I thonght all the town belonged to you !" Jf3L" To win a cat, and lose a cow, '■xjcea j-o the folly o! going to law,