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Arrival Of Prof. Winchell's Exploring Party

Arrival Of Prof. Winchell's Exploring Party image
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ell, St te Geolog;st, and party of six men, arrived in town carly Monday morning, and carnped on the shore nenr the Miesion Houee, having been seven (lu)-s, owing to heavy hóad winde, coastiui frorn Middlo Islaod, in Lako Huron, adistance of 100 milos. Prof. AV. and party were in good health and spirits. Tlioy iramediately commenced tlieir examinations of the Islaod and viciniiy. Ycsterday Mr. Winchell and party left for Gross Cap, disUnt fifteen miles. Aftêr esploringtnat seoiioo ho will visit Poiut St. Igjiatius, opposito this Island ui a westly uiiecüon, after whieh hü vvül coast alongshoro to the Chenaux Islund, thence (o Detour, and Drum ïnond's Island. and tbe other Islandain S'. Mare's Ri ver. Ile also wishes to I muke an examinatjon bí tlo Manitouün! chaifi oí Igliinds, and will dispatch Dr. Miles to üi l;t: cluire nf t in party thee, vvhtlo Ik himself will continue liis 1 plorationa on TaiUh Superior. - Mackinac 77'vvrV;', 2l'st.