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The Popular Candidate

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ligent citizon ol our City, recenlly retumed frora tho oaatern SLatos, a gentleman not mixed up in politica, and not materially prepossessed in favor of tho Democratie party, says that. Douglas is the only candidato in tho field porsoually popular, and that his personal popularity seeras to bo unbounded. - Wherevor he goes crowds gather to greet him, and his reception speeches are recoived with uncontrollable enthu eiasm. This is an index to a result that will not be satisfactory to tho friends of the rail-spüttor - if he has any in these degenerate days when the Republican leaders have all declared lor Breckisridqb. JÜST The several Republican Ward Caucuses for the election of delcgates to the coming Gouuty, Senatorial, and Represen tative Convcntions, are to be held to-moiTow ovening.