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The Michigan Argus

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plTRI [Hi'P ïvïky F';:pay UORNINa, n the TMrd Stovy r tkc Brick Blocs, comer of Main tud Huion Stieati Aeii Aibcr, Wasktenaw Co., Michigan, e nn Hurón átreet, oppoaite thi Fiankliu. ELIXI'Ü" B, PONE LitOT and. Publlsher. TKKMS, 81,"O A YB.K IIÍ ADVAXCB ADVERÏ1S1NG. One square (12 lijes or loss) one mak, M ■■"■'". "n'St .entfll'uiM-Miy iusertioi) Ihcreuftor, lcs Ito "rec cha, gort ,cccnt first .nsertioni 6Q centj Legal "". er folio for each subsequent nsertiou. i? TOStponemciit id adtlcd tu un advertiaement the whuí" '" be c11'''11 the 8"me "" for flrst in8ert'onJOB ní,ITTIlÑrC3-ranipUIets,H.iiid-blls, Ciroulars, Cards, llall 1 má thcr varietics of Pluin and i'ancy Job l'vinting, tucuted th prompmess, and iu the besi stvlb. BOOK BINLVtNG. Connccted with the Office is a Book üindery n chai-ge bí a eunipetent workman. County Uecoida, Lodgers, Jonrmtli, md all kinds of Blank Ii-ioka made to order, &nd of (In best .'tock. PunpUatl Snd Periodicüls bound !n a qeat and du table raanner, at Dutroit pnces Ka traüc toTludervthroigb iRnus Office.