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An Indian Attack

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Washington, Aug. 13. The Mentid correspondent says Privato letters frorn Ce!. Landors' wagon road party, dated Honey Lake VaTley, July 2J, gives accounts of an engagement, witli the Pah-Ttea Indians, c;n the 2Sú June, fivu days march EaetH-nrd froin Honey Lako Valley. Landers' party was attacked by Indians in arnbush and a young man named Painter mortally wounded at the first fire. He diud the r.ext morning. ïho Indians were pursued into tliu mountains but returned the next day to the numbor of oOO and ronewed the attauk, which was continned about five hours vvhen the Indians were routod and pursuod, Stívoral bcing killed and one made prÍ80ner. Among the killed was a chief called Big Jim The Indians continued to retreat during the night, and were fUlowed two days by Landers without coming to an engngement. His proviiiions now began to grow short, and Col, Landen was obliged to return to Honey Laks'. After recruiting a lew dayc, his party will commence operations on the wagon-road, whioh tbey expeet to cOTiplete in sixty days. l ers had sevunfy-three men with Hm in the fight, cliieSy armad with Bbarp't ' riflas and revolvors.