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Terrible Indian Fight

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We loarn from Slv. Davidsbn, nf1 Iüdinnola, that n painfu) rumor was i brought to that place on Saturday last, j by i returntd Pike'a Peaker, of a severa ñght, senoo three weeks sinco, on the Snlotnon, about 100 miles avove Fort Riloy, in which about 300 Potowatomies and Delawares were killed The informant saya he pnsed dii'eotly through iho ecene of tho fight, - that tho doad wens all scalped - and ' posad tlia other party to have been Oheyennes, Arapahoes, &(.., vvlio were koown ti) havo boon in tha viuinity it that timo. Tlie murdered Indians :ir; auppose to ho ;i party of eotae 300 or 400 Putowatoraies, half-breed, and Delmvare , that went from this vicinitv, ! a short timo prevjous to the ru-Tipred battle, for tho purpose of hunting búfalo. Among tbem were Me srs. Le fflamboaUj Beaubten, Ogee, Darling and several other prominent Indiana, well known in this vieinitv, who : panicd tha expedïtion fw tho sake of! tho exoite-nent and [.laasure which il [iron.isod. Mr. Davidson liimsolf had a vcry nan-ow escapo from the hostile Indiana, ] beiog writh anothur party h anti Dg buffulo, wh, on tho day of tho ru;norod fight, vvure only titteen miles dist. uit, on 'ha idontical spot, on Ruit Oreuk, a (rib ttary of the Republican ; Fork, whero i battlü had boen fóngbt f-n!y four daya previoua betwoon the Qhéyounes, Arapahoes. &c, and the Pa.vneea. His party had advanced but a few miles beyond this spot, in q u est of buffalo, when they came sudd.nlyupona lariro camp of Indiana, !,u nbering, ho tbought, over a thousand, The Indians oalled thomselves Pawnees, but ha and his party behoved tbena to be Gheyeones, as they had beun victoriou8 in the fight of a fuw days befpre, aüd had driven the Paw nees (rom that vicinity. The aavages immeduitely surrounded tho liüio caravan, nunibering only sixteeu men, making hostile demoústraiñons, and wonld doubtless have murdored them all but from a fear that other and larger porties oí P tovatomies and whites were in the rear, a delusiun whiph the hunters encouraged nntil they gut clear of the;r troublesome visitors. Tlie fight betwoen tho Cheyennes and iavvnees was witnonsed by a con plu of pioueera, who wero at the time huating buffalo, and was described by theni as being a fearful sceno. The combatants numbored some thousandi!, were all inountod, and kept constantly circling, lying down in their saddles, and firing over their horsue' neoks, as they approached the nemy. The ■ fight last.ed two hours; quite u number were killed- their informante did r.ot know many - and at tho end of. Ihat time the Pawnees broko and run, with tho Cheyennes after them. In addiüon tothe above information, Mr. D. nf irms us that great excitement prevuils throughout the frontier settlements, on account of Indian depredations - that many whitos had been killed ; also, that he mot many families ! on their way to the larger 6ettlements, earrying with them their entire household goodá, having abandoaed their homes, the'r crops, and everything they could not carry away. Ooinpanics were beinar made up at Manhattan, Junction City, &c, for pursuing and chastising these wild Indiana, who have nover before pressed tho se tlement8 so close as novv. Messrs. Lo Flambeau and othera, spokou of above, havo since been heard j from, all safe. The rumor oí a fight s ennfirmed, but no particulirs re ceived.