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Small Bed-Chambers

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Tiiniii: is r?u3')u to belii'vo tint more cases of danger;.us and í'at;il diffúaM tr grudually eugondered EtuDUllly by the hiibit of slcoi'ivig n sma!l, uovoniibsted rootti', that hnva oceurrod from a olí] ora fitmosplieru Uariug noy yearíiae) itnuulo i ts appearanco iu this country. Yeiy many psrsons sloop in right by tou room, that is, in rooms thelength and bread ih of whioli mulíiplied tqgether, and this nmltiplied íigain by ten for tho height of tho charabor, wouíil mako just eight hundrod cubic foet, whilo tho oubit upaoeibr eucli bod, according to the Englis'.i iportionniont for hospitaln, ia twontj-one bundrod faot. But more, ín order "to givo the fiir of a room the highest dogroo of frcp'.iness," tho Frciich Bospitals contrapt lo'" oompietá renewal oí' tho air of a room cvuíf hour, whilo th Knglish ftwprt that doublé thu amonnt or over four thoasand foet an huur, íb í'oqaired. r'onr thousand fónt of a'r every oóur I andyet there are multitudes in the city of Netv York who sleep wilh closod doors and Windows, in rooms wliich do not contain a thousínd oubio fecfc of Bpace, and that tbousand feet ia to last all niglit-, at loast eight hours, Ox.Qept snob scaniy supplies fts inay ha obtained of a:iy frcs'i air that máy iisiiuate itsolf tli:j:ih littlo crevicos by door or window, iiót an sighth of an inch i i ihic'cness. Kut vvhon it is known that n iiiivn}' oaaofl a mw and wifo and infant slcep Labitual'y i'.i thousand-feet rooms, it is no raü'íd fhj.i multitudes perisli ])rematurely ín cities; no wonder that infaDt ohildren wiHaw.i; like flowers witíiont water, and and tiiat Lvo thousand of fchern are to die in tho city of New York alone during tha hunel red days wíróh sljiilí inclndo tiie üfteenth of July, eijfhtetin hu'ulrcd and risty! Another faot is suggestive, that araong tbo filty thousand persons lio sleap nightly in tho lodgtng-liouse of London, expre3s!y arrang3 on the iniprov:J pri oiples of space imd vortilitiori alréady refarred to it hnn b?an prown t' n?t or.3 rir.glo caso of fovor ha3 been cngo:v der d in two years! Let cvary intelligöiit readsr iraprove t!i? teaaiinírs or tlú' ir'ti