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State Elections

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State elections are to be hold bufón; the Prcsidential eioction in Xovcmbcr ns follnw-: - íft Vermont, on Tuesday, Sopt. 4. Ii California, on Wodoesday, Sopt. 5. In Mnino, on Monday, tíept. 10. In (ícorgin, on Slonoay, Oct 1 In Mlasiftoippi, n Mon'dav, Oct. 1. In Florida, on Monday, Oct. 1. In Soutli Oarolinn, on Monday, Oct. 8. In Pennpylvnnia, on Tuesdny, Oct. 9. In Ohioón Tutjtday, Oct 9. In Indiana, on Tucstlav. Ot;L 9. In Minnesut.t, on Tuesday, Oet. !). In Iowíi, on Tuesdny, Oct i). Presidaotinl election ii :ill the States, on Tuesday, Nov. (i. 2ÍT Tiramhy Kivs?, long known s tlio wlicol-liorse of lornoeracy in easforn Virginia, i oui in thu Riclimond Enquitcr in defonoo of Juilpo Douglü.s and th! regülnrity of bis i o nination. lio ehowe tlmt Ur' warfáro ig.'iiiií't ï í í iii has bee:i purely a persoí al iiiic; tliat híi oiiníins have bccn hold, n timos past, by ih roost diBtinguished dcmocrats of Virginia; and tb.-ii, by every conaideration of gnod fai:h and Found pohcy, he is cntitled to the snpport ol i:veiT democrut. Tliis Ivttor,1 coneti'utjiigt ;i it doe?, apowerful nmí uoandwerablo Irgument, and conúnl freni su ii n (fViroa, ir.ust esercise a : povreínl nílnence in tt:e Oíd Dbmiinon '