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Good For Blondin

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The N. Y. Evenuig Post publishcs the folíowing lcttor said to havo beun addressod by Blondín to his Graco tho Duke of Neweastle : Niágara Fall?, U. S. A., ) August, 22. 18C0, S "To liïs Gmce tlio Duke of Neweastle : Djsab Hm : - It s important that the Princo of Wales' entranco into tlie United States should produce ix sensation wortiiy of tli.o country and himself, " Ho will brbbably arrivo among us by wny of Niágara Palla, whcro tho greatest natural phonomonon of thia continent has been running over nis thousand yoars in proparatton for this evont. "In order that tho occasion may bó fitly irnproved, I propose to take the hcir apparent to tho liritish throna ncrosa tho Pulls in a wheelbarrow, on a tight ropo, freo of expenso. " Tho progress of tho trip shnll be diversifiod by iirovvorlcs and various gyiunastic feats, such as tho oceasion iiñd tho inclinations of the Trinco oi Wales may suggest. llIn tliis way thousands may f-ee hiin arrivo ivho would not havo an opportunity if ho cr.rno by Jiailroad or any ordinary conveyance. "ft it would picase your Graee, I should be very happy to bring yotl over in the samo way, and other members of tho Prracè'a {snit wbích he may dosig1nate. '■li any acefdent should happen by wLich hi.s ELU(hoess or any membors of liis party should bc precipitated into tho guif bèJow, (oí which, I oseare yon, thoro is little or no danger,) tho inoney taken from the spectators wülbo prornptly and conscienïiotisly rcfundeil. "liuiisu submit this prnposition to Lid ifighnoes, and iavor ido vvith a re I) t yur earliost cDiivonienco. "I uiu yoor Qraèe moát oBodieöt ";tnü niuöt liuuiblu servant,