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In another column wil] be found a synopsis of tilo proceedings of Ihe Domo'-ratic Counly Convontion beid in this City on Saturday last, and at tho head of tliis column vo havo placed tho names of the oaodtdatea then nominuted, and for whose eloction vvo shall labor cheorful'y, Iioartily, and zcalously until tho Gth day of November next on vrhich day we expeot the voters of old Washtcnaw will manifest thoir good eetíse and better judginent hy clcoting thom. For tho important office of Judge of Probate, the Convention prosenjted with ontire unanimity the nanio of that sterling old Domocrat, Daniel IIixon, of' Briiigewator. Col. IIixok has served the póöplo of Wahtenaw County in the State Cooatitutional Convention, and in tho Legislatura, and alwaya to the satisfuction of hi.i constituoncy. His sound cointnon sense, mature judgment anl unrj'i -;stio:iiiblo !intcgrity, combine to make hitn just tho man to preside over the Court of Probate. In his hands tho widow 'nd tho fatherless may rest secure that their interusts will bo protoeted. lie vvill mako a good run, and we liope a f5uccc?sful ono. Tnos. F. Liíon'aud, tho nominee lor Sheriff, i.s tho present incumbent, and bas invariably dieoharged tho duties of his office in such a manner as to silence all arguraenfs of tho opposition excopt puroly political ones. He is confossod!y a competent, active, and trustworthy, officer, as has been admitted by the Republican jíancrá of the County, and having had the benefit of twO years ox' porionce ought to bs rc-elected. Reïnember to give him your votes. It is ndmittod by all, Uernoerats and Ropublicnns, that Washtenw County never had a better Register of Decds, One moro atlentive to businoss,one moro corroct in the kcoping oi tho records, or moro accommodating to those doing business in that office, than Horatio G. Siieldox. And hc isjust the man tho Convention nominated unaoimously and by aoelamation as tho candidato for re-election. It is better to continuo hun in tho offico than to cloct a man whosu cjualiiications havo not boen put to the test, so make np your ininds to vote for Sueldos, nnd lot him have a, round 500 majority. The Cuuveulion Dominatod for tho respönsiblo uilico of Troasuror, John M. Ciiask, of the Township of Ann Arbor. Mr. Giiase ia a competent accountant, a man oí correct and careful business habita, and his intogrity is unquostionod. As tho Demócrata intend lo tukc the "trong box" iuto thcir own care and koeping, ho is just tho man to eucoeed Guissox. For Counly Glerk, tho Convention ahnost unanimously norninatcd Joiix J. Komsox, of Sbaron ; and it could have made no botter nüinination. Joh.n is a nover tiring young Detnocrat, popular at homo and whorever ho is known, and possessod of all tha recjuisite qualifications to make a good ofllcer. Last Spring ho camo vvithin four or fivo votos of boating h8 í'uthor, "Unclo Andrew," íor Supervisor, and this Fall lio will reverse tho usuul fifty mnjorir.y of Sharon, aud carry the Town. Mark th at. Ltmah D. Norris, Esq., oí Ypsilanti, 8 tho nomineo for L'i-osccuting Attorney. IIo was noniinated by acclatnatioD, and on motion oí T. L. üumpilre villi:, Esq., the only gontlomao whoso' name had been goncraüy usod in Oonnoclioa witli thooffija . Mr. Non uisis a gradúate uf tho Michigan Líui v.-i. i!y, aii.l standd high in liis profudsion, ivhioK fu;t:i combina wiih h'ia uu tfring onorgy lo m:iko liim a in this f.arnj):ii' ,:i. II hard wort will prooiift au eleetion lio i - bound U win, aud (':;.Mi had not bettur lot much grasa gi-ow undor hïs foet. Tlio üonvoution iiominnteJ John .. GoTi', of Llii.s Cit)r, for ilio "iii o of ('irunit (Joifft Ci)ii)iniisiüi)LT. Mi'. (. is n hiwyor of oxpcrioni'o, (ïf;03luïlirihoil anU uorieot btiaincsa lui bits, va-ll in 1,;1 forme, and evory wny compctotlt ti ntnkfe ;i corrout, thoroogh, nnd officiopt ofli -ei-. Ii is a g)'.nl noniiiiatioD. Thu OtmvüiUion nomina tod Cu i S. WioiiAüi', of Y)si!:i!i:i, ia the eaudidutu for Ooutjty Hurvcyor, iind ovory ' onu w!i kii'Vdhi.n willvouch thutha i.s ' letter A. N' ., 1. H j can straiton cropl;'cd Koos, stittlu di.sputod b:)Uüdariiw, and koop poaco,and hiiPmony tomorrg1 land ownora. lilcct him; And laat como the Coiooers, aiicl wh.o betttr ijualifiud for tlio arduous dut ios of ihut rosponsibia ollieo than Samson' Paukkr, f Lima, and PüitEMOS C. I Muhhay, of Saloni. Thcy are a whpla teain, and hiing np the roa nobly. Suc-li. Domocrais, is tho tiokui tlio Oonvüiit'on presen tod for voer suffragos; suóh, follow oitizoDs of r:rslitenuw üqunty, are the men for whom we ask your votos. They aro all oorapotent men, all men of iotegiMty, and by their elèctfon tho oxocutiva ollices tii tho County wil!, without exooption, bo placed in good hand.-'. Will yon ülëct thein ? Wo wait with oonli-.lence a fa vorablo response.