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The County Convention

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The iX'in MT.iti.; County (Jüuvention Convened, pursuant to cal!, at the üourt Qouso in thi:5 City, August.2th, at 11 ocbek,A. M.j and was callëd to order by O. IIawkin.i, Esj., Chairman of tho County Committco. Oa niotion, AauonOIULD3, of Augusta, was eleotod Chairman n tejnt and il. Beaiiaoí Aun Ar'))!-, ocri taiypfó tisift. After appointing a committcc o;i urcdo&tials, tlic conventiou adjouruod t u'l-1 i The couvention camó togethdr át tbc liour uT adjourntaeat", the committec on brcdcn'tiala reorted cacli Towuskip and City fally reprüscutcd, with ïiainod of ■ dolcgates, vvhich report wan acceptcd and adoptcd, The oonuoittce alao roportod rmanont oÉSdera of tho coiivcntioü: President - Lyman 1). Nqkris, '■'■i-: of .Ypsilantf. Viio 1'rciilinU - llicu.MH) Hooper, of Ann Arbar; Isaac Okank, of-Ypsilan! ti; E. IIaihe, of Froodoin; II. Bukniiam, of Saliiic. Secrcltiïies - N. J5. Nve, of Ann Arbor; Geo. W. Hall, of Saline. T'ic Convontiou tliou prooeeded to nomínate candidatos for Couuty Uilieers. with tli'j following fesült: Hoeatio G. Siieldon was declarcd the candidato for llegister ly acelaiaation. Tiioí. F. Lkoxahu was nominated for Sheriff by acclamation. Tlio convention balloted for Judgo of Probate, and Alpueus Fjslcïi rocoivcd 80 votes, aud D. Hixo. 13. Gov. Feloii appoared iu the conven ti'jn, thankcd it for tho honor intonded, oxpressed Lis preferencc to work in tho raiiks, aud tlctliuod the nominatiun. On motion, the eonveutkr.i excused liim, and a ballot being had, Col. Daniel Jlixox, of Bridgewater, vvasdcularcd unanimously nominated as the candld'ato fbr Judgc of Probate. A ballot wa.s had for Tre;isuror, and JiniN M. Oiiasb, roceiving & majority of all tlie votes, was dcolarcd uuaniinously nomina tcd. J'iiin J. Iloiiisox, of Sharon, roccived a largo majority of votes on the ballot for Cjunty Clerk, and was declarcd unanimously nominated. On motion of Tho.s L, Humplireville, Lïman i). Noiuas, Esq., of Ypsilanti, was unanimously nominated as tho candidato for Prosecuting Attornoy. On a ballot for Circuit Court Comniissioucr, John N. Gott, of tliis City rcccived :i majority of the votes and was dcelared uuanimously nominatod. Samson Paukek, oí' Lima; and Piulemos C, Mukkay, of Saloiu, wcro ncminatcd as tho candidatos for Coroners. Chas. S Woodard, of Ypsilatiti, was uominatcd for County Survoyor. The Convention having completcd .ite labors with good fcoling, harmonj, and great unanimity, adjourued sitie dio.