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BANK NOTK, LAND AVAKKAST, SPECIE AND BCHAWGK QÜOTATIOK8. Carefulljt Iu'í.mm1 and, Con-ccted evcry weck. us ( iiíi;i:nt at ïitt' Banking ITousc of D. Preston & i o Tl Wootlwa. ' A"a.,:V(rit August 15, IS.Ol). lïAN'lv KOTftS. Petrotl City Bankd, ------ Tur Cwi i'la, (II Solveni Uauks) " N. Ëngland nn-1 X. Vork, fSolypnt Bank) - - " Ne-A .Iit-i'V :ni 1 l'ei.i viiri', - - - - ' Ohio, Kentucky and Virginia, - Pa ,all notesparal Pittsburgh or Phiiadelphia, - " Banfc of ÜiaStsfteof fadiana, - UNCv KÜKNT ITN'IW. [llmolg Wlsconsiñ, rffosonri nml lowa oni ing 1 Dia ■ - " .' sellingl to 1 % " '. Carolina, S. Carolina and Louteiana, - '2 " Indiana Stock Notes, 1 Tenuw -ie, ------ 3 Georgia; - 2 and 5 " [Jnited Staten Poat Office Scrip, - " Bank of Engfencl Notes, L. - - - - ? sl Bank ■■! 'IVunn-cli. Michigan, - . - Pj iliExchango Bank of 1. Bal! & Co. . - - - 5 " OCR RATE3 FOK BÜX8 OF KWlUNtiK. BuyiDg. SnUlog On NVu Vork and Iiu.ton, ;!( On Washington, . . ;'i On Buffido,... ,'t O1 iVwLlInl, .l4 Un '' 3 On Chicago, % üc, jb. for $100 dr upwards. GOI.t' AX! SILVER. liiivin r. SeUlng. Am. Qohl, lot of $100 or upwards. % ' 1 America ii Silvor. 1 LVN'I) WAlïïiAXT.S. Baytog. EelHng. 40 Achk Wahiuxts Í 41 $ 4fSü " 60 Tfi 120 " 8Í 100 leo i-o ra RoTOTolationarj Scrip, (per aero,) 80 ets. 90 ct I'HK.MIL'.M COLVS. PII.VKI1 GjDIÜS. GOLCOIXS. Span Tillar Dollars, 1 05 SoWreigns, 4 Si and -1 9 Hexiean Doliarn 1 04 20 Prmos 3 8? Five franc l'itccs 96 26 Fraöca 4 66 Frenota Crqwna 1 06 M Franca 1 Geittbn " 1 0;") 5 Franc-; 96 PruAsian Thalers GO Trn TKAter Pfecea 7 80 GuiUera 88 X ThalerPiecea 7 Sá Ëngliah Silvtr, (Ai Ui ng TeaGuHdei Pieces 4 0C 23c.; L4 fiO Sprnusli L0ubUions 1 i 0 OW Am. Half Dolla-. 1 03 Patriot lö 6ü JK On lote of $100 or op I California Oold $10r 5d irards, 1 Bc. additional j $50s and $-0s ld. Gbld Dü3TfIfl tolftSO peros. êSf" Spanish cnrfnge il 15 peros. orfiSceiitsfoi qtutrters, 11 ftr shillings, 5for .--ixit-iict's. Oa lots ot 20 uk, ml upwards, $1 IR proz. DAVID riïEöTON & CO., Bankora. VI Woodward Ave., Detroit. Office hourSjfromS, A, If., to6,P. M. ei icjai koticesT A Card from the Rev. Thos. A Elliott. CONSÜMPTIO JtfTHMA, BKONCHITIS, &c, Ac- Persons aftlicted with elttiér of the above direful lliL■a?ef! will be farnUhed by the subnsriber (free of charge) wi ih the Recipe for a very simple and sure ramedjr, by which be wa#hraaelfttrei. Mr. Elliott bifi ofi medicino t-i'H, nnd the only object oi' thtrf Gard, is to spread Information trbJeh he conceiws to be nvuhiiiblc - aad plaeo before intlic, nml in the hatvls of erory sullorcr, the partlcuiars in rard to :i romcly, which hc, from t!u most bappy expertenco, believei to ba the traiy one thai will cure Consuinption, Tho#e iltsiious ot' a cojiy of tbo Hio, with 'uil directions, will piease address KEV.THOS. A. FI.IJOTT. Ed Christian Visitar. 7Q2w2 No. 831 Broadway, Ngw York. TukLoxdox StBUROBCOPlC Company's ïiusinoss hM in ereaiad to xteni that they have deemeditnec rasiiry to n diiot in New Yurk for the wupply of stareoscopto goodn to (lio fiarlo generally. They bavo arranged to forward to (hoir Managers every week a case ui goodstfrqj sh.ill contiiin jill peur Bubjects as well as flrst-cl4w staailard piet ures aud they will then be eiiu blttl ty olTera complete assoitment of stockof unequalei eharacter, at prLeen oontrlderably lowor than those o ;iny other house, ft toast hv evident to dealers in stereo BOOpIc poods that ihey will be consulilng; tluir mvn in terests by doinjr buftinoca at the New Vork Braneb of (hO LoSDOSTALROBéOFlO COMl'ANT,a at HSADQiRfERS Orders can }yo BDfe to TttlfO. LsamiT, manager, 534 Broai way, New York. Stereoacopes of uil kinds and piioH from fifty ceats urvar.ïn. Vieva imd irmips from $l,0( por doseo upwartl Iy716 J8"Thc (uut lït'iit fiicioi f lils " The Qrertt HcaJcr of Mankind! Hcrrick's Sugar Coated Pilis. THe whole World United! Xick Peojdc think! Aficr which act, Vou'd scarce Htpect, ut thíi lato day, With Btartllngoiireeabook to BH; Thln is Die oase, tbo millioa aay, With the cures of HerrieVs 1'ill They exilie from Kast, aml Xoiilt, and Weat, And willi glad üdlngsthe papen flll, BeenttM they are the cbeapesl , :::i feat, best) And superior to othors Ís Herriek's Kil. From Bootflj-and l'lants, an.l Flowers thtj'ie, Tliey alwuyn cure- they nevflï kill TIimii.,;uh1s now iu thnr gravea were iaid, Wcrc it jiüt for lïcrrick'a Pilis. Fiicli Pili with silgar i coated eer - A rare discoveryofmatchiGssskill, Thcirlikr wns h.wt leenbefore, üntil it appepred iu llerrick's Till. For yesrs ho'iwoefcsd toheal the alck, Wil Ii joy elatc bil bosom filis: Foc tena of tliniisMii'l-: uv roj-'ir.o At the magie TowtTsol Jl-nuk's ."ill.s. r3 HERIÏICK'8MATCHLE9e VEGETABLE FAMILY plLDá have. Inundated the world with tin-ir popaUuit) Over Clve in i Ilion if box es are uaod aniiiiü l , i in en pioyWent tó eignty-Ö+8 mei and wi)meri tn put them are QumbereO by UiousandM - tholr pralsea oi the. tonguea of all, Cltwöna of Washfenaw Co-, an rlsrwhere, hue you ever naed thcmfl'ut U]i in Knjrlisl Bpftniahf Germán, and Freneh Aiveationa. Large Eamil DOXO0] 25 cents! Five boxea tor $1. Erold evervwhtn Sec alverti(meut oa 3d pugo. Important to IJeiïiii 1 e s . Dr. CHEESËMA Wf é IMKL.S I'eki'abhd by Cobnkuus Ij. Cheeskxav, m. n., New York Oity. Theoombinationof Ingredients In thee I'iiis arp 11 repulí ol a long and exteBivePtf!t;ïce. Thevarj; mild. i their operation, aña certaln iu cutrocting aJl irregulai ties, Paiuful Menanrations, mnoving all otwtructíon wbether from oold or othwwSM headocfae, pahi in tl sido, uüpatat&on of the heart, whitea, all nerrooi alTe tionsj hysterics, fatigue, iain iu the bac]( and limhM, ftc dieturbed nleep, whteharues from iutoriupiion of nat ui' TO MAR1Ï1EDLADIES, ]r. Cheefloroan'a Pllbi are invaluable. fis they wi bringon the monthiy period with regularftr. üidies wh have boen disappointed in the use of othea lilis en plat the utmost confidence In Dr. Cheescmoiw Pjlla doiog a they ropreaeat to do. y o t i c e . Thcre is one cundüwn of the femóle sitttrm in whlcA th ['Hip cannot be raken without protitidig a YECVLÍA ItKSt'f.T. The. cmuiitian Tpfcrrcd fo is PRFA}NA?1CY- the result, MISCARRIAÜE. Much is tw irreaistoble ten dencf ofthr nudidnê to restore the sexual fitnc&iont a normal condición, that even the rej'roUuctive poteer t nature cannot resüt it, AV;irrantel pnrely vepMnlile, an.l Tree from anythin mjiuiuus, KxpUcitiliröctionB, whieh hould be read,a corapany rt%i !)"k, Sent by mail on mclusing $1 t IK CORKKl 11 L. CliBESEMAN, HoX 4.531, POst OÖÏce Ne Yoiki'ity, & Sold by nno Jïruggifit in every town in thoünitt State-i. & 1Í. Ö. HUTCHWOS, GBSIBRU AUHNT FUK TUF r.VlTKP RtATS( No, 14, Jirvadwaj, Ntw York, J Tu wlium ;ill Wlmlosale orders should be addrea öo ld in Aon ïrbut, by ÍÍaynakd, SiüBBisa ie Wiisos uad ii, G1L.N.11.1.K, 730yl Aycr's Cathartic Pilis. nnii wiwü Au i- cru1;)'1. '1 mu ■ :.Li.'l femaltj p1i'üi ian, lias a M.o'hni;. Srui, mr chiMren, teêtlilngj wjiich'grciitlj faUitatí i!m procti froHeeLhïng bj sötfcuiug tb guma, rf3ucing nll in flsmmation- rill allay all pain, and s iru i" i' gula te tin . Urperoi u fn it, ui , will tiiVi) ret l y Ui. clvc;, :ntd irl ! :uit ii -- s T li ti in i;it -. 1'('i!it:1) fein o caa s. fckeadvv I UU'lit Ín aOOÜlBT ri'Uiiiiu. ui 1 ■ H "' ' I "fr tf5 E% "T9 -AM)i : S11OE MA KEII'S ST1ÜKE. O IHE JOl'RS 11 ,1. (ilï THEIK I'EtCE TOK TflElR MHcaAd Vill havo t ) pay iimdc for your goiitfs1. I1AVG JUST rUiiCHASKl) ' 4T EXTüNSl YE STOCK OF :uiy of tht'in, on 3 eouot cf tlic" I A ROE SUITLY IN MAHKET! 3PTILO3VÍ: SO T-O S6 Pïi; CÚÍSJS LF.SS TIIA-N It Oost to Makc Thrm n,l símil Sell them tül I have to Pay inre Mt Iliom at l!ie EX TÁ ER] EL Y LO W VRICEH mo'l beTov. ME N S' BOOTS. Moifs $3,50 Calfl'xots, for i.2,50 '' 4,50 Frencli CalfSuporiinr, 3,50 %' 3,50 i" mcrican Calf don' le soled, 2,75 " 3,25 Kip, 2,50 " '2,50 Slimmer, 2,00 a 3,25 Duulilu Solo Stogas best qnality for 2,75 G A I T E II S . .adíes' 50 d. (aiters, tor 373 m 75 " (ïaitei-b lor 50 " 1.25 C ai te rs tbr 1,00 .adies' best quality df Gttiters witli and without hcH'lsfroml.'25 to 2,50 jadies' Lcatlier, Calf and Kid Boots and Congrega G aiters from 80 to 1,0 -■ Men't;, Boys', Misscs1 and Children s, of every desirablc kind. Fiunks, Valiscs aml 'alchels ! All Iho abovo goods nn.l many pther, ill bc $oW5 at MUCH LESS PHIOES Juin havo Ever Bcon So!d in Ann Arbor. Wíl S. BAUNDEES. m Ann Albor, Murch 20, t860. 73Cm3 HO! FOfi THE jff Tremendous Sacrifice! 20,000 TOJEITH -OFDKYGOODS! TO BE SOLD ! KKQARDLESS OF NEW Y O II K COS T WOULI reüpecffully ftunoanoce to tiy citizt-ns o( ÖoodOM Washirïmw and adjohiiag countíen, tbat he ík bulMlag "nc of ttie most elegant and V.xrvo --t storva i ii Micbignn. at tbi xuith weit corner oí M.i .u mu! l.iixTty pftrw&, Ann ArboT, and Ia detormimeil td ck po out his ininciiiK1 stock Off geodn oS all kiadn, ai Jiny ííncrifiec Cor ('üsli, pr4pjrntory to r-tiiovin;r ti liin Hci and Spaoious Afartménts. Eiaviag eoucladetl to taftbe a granrl opening rith anentíro now stock i" ui' new sturc thh feil. I will noli forthe NEXT 80 HAYP, all kinds of Ckallies, Ditaincs, Fophns BLACK AND F A N C Y ir MOST A NY FR IC E. I e. ui L't-1 . Also Sboes, Hati of every descriptlop it yon owii pploe, bo go not hare heade4 auy longer. but go to MACK'S GE15AT CLOSING OUT SALE And have your "patos'' covered í'or a Oiillíiig and nj ward. OF AI.L D E S C Ti I T ï I O N S lftKLUM5B5t STOCK ovor livnught tu this pkce, iin At Pricea to Suit the poorest Faiuilv As usually oheaper tlinn can be fonufl .'tt any otber ei tablirinneai in thiw euauiy, and l Sllükl' KVfcKü TiIlX(J usuully fonnl in my laige ,iud atlractivü stock, a .1 GREAT 11 ATE OF REOUCTION Farmers, Medtanics, Lawyers arx Docors, and the real of mankind, LOOK T0 YOUR INTERESTS Drop politics ;md mli in en mmm to C". MACK1 Graa Closbig out Bftto, uIhtb Six Shillings wilt csí for a Dolía all day long. Gpma One, Copie All! I mean wliat I saj I amdetsrmined tu sell otT all my present fftöck of good at a great sacrifice F O R C A S tl ! Iïfioic icmuiiifi to my NJSW AND ELEGANT STORE Wlifie I antiii,ito removingwith nu outuo ucw stock o ioodn, on the firstday ft topttmber. C.LM M'K Julj '.Hh, 1S60. 757tt Ayer's Gherry Pectoral Ayer's Sarsaparilla A compound remedy, designcd to bc the most cil'ectual Alterative that can be made. It in a concentrated extract of Para Sarsaparilla, so combined with other substances of still greater alterative power as to afford an effectivo antidote for the diseases Sarsaparilla is reputed to euro. It ia believed that such a remedy Í9 wanted by thoso who suffer from Strumous compluints, and that one whieh will accomplish thcir cure must prove of immenso eervicc to tliis largo class of our afflictcd fellowcitizens. IIow completely this compound wifl do it ha3 been proven by experiment on many of the worst cases to bu found of the ibllowing complaints : - ScKOFULA AND ScilOFULOUS CoMPLAINTS, Bruptions and Eiiupxivn Diseases, Ulcxbs, Pimples, Blotches, Tumors, Sait Riieum, Scald IIead, Sypiiius and Sypiiilitic AfFECTIONS, MeUCUIIIAL DlSEASE, DrOPSY, NeUkaloia or Tic Doulouueux, Deiiii.ity, Dysfepsia and Indigestión,, IIose or St. Anthony's Fire, and indeed the wholo class of complaints arising from Impurity or the Blood. t ïhis compound will bo found a grent promotor of health, when taken in the spring, to expel tho foul humors which fester in the blood at thnt season of the year. By thetimely expulsión of them many rankling disorders aro nippcd in tho bud. Multitudes can, by tho aid of this remedy, spare themselvea from , the enduranco of foul eruptions and ulccrou3 sores, through which tho system will strive to rid itself of corruptions, if not assisted to do this through the natural channels of the body by an alterativo medicine. Cleanse out tho vitiated blood whonever you find its impurifica bursting through the skin in pimples, eruptioníj or sores; cleanse it when you find it is obstructed and sluggish in tho veins ; cleanse it I ■whenever it is foul, and your feelings will teil you when. Even whereno particular disorder . is feit, people enjoy botter hcalth, and livo longer, for cleansing the blood. Keep tho blood healthy, and all is well ; but with thia pabulum of life disordered, there can be no lasting hcalth. Sooner or later somethinft must go wrong, nnd the great machinery of life is disordered or overthrown. Sarsaparilla has, and deserves mucli, tho reputation of accomplishing these ends. But the world has been egregiously deecived by prcparation3 of it, partly becausc the drug ilone has not all the virtue that is claimed 'or it, but more bccause many preparations, iretending to be concentrated extracta of it, contain but little of the virtue of Sarsaparilla, or any thing else. During late years tho public havo been misled by largo bottles, pretending to gíva a quart of Extract of Sarsaparilla for onc dollar. Most of these have been frauds upon the sick, for they not only contain littlo, if any, Sarsaparilla, but often no curativo proporties whatever. Henee, bitter and painful disappointment ïas followed the use of the various extracta of Sarsaparilla which flood tho market, until the name itself is justly despised, and has become synonymous with imposition and cheat. Still wo cali this compound Sarsaparilla, and intend to Bupply such a remedy as shall rescue tho name from tho load of obloquy which rest upon it. And we think wo havo ground for jelieving it lias virtues which are irrcsistibls jy the ordinary run of the diseases it is intended to cure. In order to securo their completa eradication from tho system, the remedy should 30 judiciously taken aocording to direcüons on the bottle. TREPARED BY DB. J. C. AVEU & CO. LOWELL, MASS. Pilco, 91 per Bottle j Slx Bottle for $5. Ayer's Cheny Pectoral las won for itself such a renown for tho euro of svery variety of Throat and Lung Complaint, that ,t is cntirely unnecesaary for ui to recount tho evidencc of its virtues, whcrover it has Icen employed. As it has long been in constant uso throughout this section, we nced not do moro than assure tho pcople its quality is kept up to tho best it ever has been, and that it may be relied on to do for thcir relief all it haa ever been found to do. Ayer's Cathartic Pilis, "I ... FOB DEI CITBa Oï" Costivcness, Jaundice, Dyspcpsia, Indigestión, Dysentery, Foul Stomach, Erysipelas, Headache, Files, Rhewnatism, Eruptions and Skin Disoases, Liver Complaint, Vropsy, Tetter, Tumors and Solt Rhcum, Warmt, Gout, Neuralgia, at a Dinner Pili, andfor Purifying tho Blood. They are sugar-coated, so that the most nsitlve eau take them pleasantly, and they aro tho best aperient in tho world for all tho purposes of a family physic. Frioo 26 cents par Bos ; Fivo boxes for $1 00. Grcat numbers of Clergymen, Physician, Statesmen, and eminent personages, nave Ient thcil name to certify tho unparalleled usefulness of theso remedies, but our space here will not permit tho lnsertion of them. The Agents below named furnish gratis our American Almanac in which thoy are given ; with also full descriptions of tho above complaints, and the treatment that should be followed for thoir cure. Do not be put off by unprincipled dealers with other preparations they make moro pront on. Uemand Ayek's, and tako no others. The siok want the best aid there ís for them, and they should have t. All oui remedies are for eale by MAYNAliD SÏKBBINS& WISON.nnd l.y ïll Druggists mul Heulers everywhere. J. HUHH1LL, Traveling Agent. MICHIGAN SÜIÍTHERN & NÓRTHERN IXIHANA UAII.ROAH. 1S0O. SUJIMER AUÜAXCKMEXT. JSU) Imina now run on this roatl, 3ucdaya pxceflttd, au foUowd: [.cave r.-liM.i'Vri'liUvi' o. at 1.0 :'■ M ,anfl 10 28 P M. .. ivt.,,it ■ " " 7 JO " "7 4 ■' ArriTing "i Chlcigo rr.m Toledo umi Detroit :t Xfi I' M .,■!.! S:llii A. M. nrtroH fromToleJo, at7:C5A.M , 6:50 P. M., ainl II ■'(, A M. Arrive in Detroit froiü Chicago t 6.60 P. M. ,nd7.0l A. M. árrivo in Tole.lo froni Clïïcago i,-Q V. M. and 4.50 A. U. and 3.40 l'. M. I r,i r Aili iïlll lOr ■'.!( !.i'M al ■■ .!;;,!, ..ui for A.liiiin üt 5,c.) A. M., mul l.iOr. M. CONMXTKIXS. At Tomno- Willi ('!ov.-l;iud & ToleiUi Rail Kon 1, witt ffiibash Valley Rail Rn,. At Dbtroit- Witli Grand Trunk Riüluay, with Urea.1 Western Ivjnlwuv, al-o, with tlio Dclioil audXMwaukci', Rairroad At Ni:v Albart Saikm R. lí. Ckossixq - WlíhTiains fcir Lnfayettc, Ne; Albunyaml I .misvillo. At Cmrioo- With Chirajro and Rock ].-lnd. i;i.l.-ia. Ktilwuukeo, Chicago, Burlington and Quincj - nilh Wist Que o, Alton and SI,. Lonia, Illinoi Central, and !■ all Points West and Routh. lia' '1'raiiiB arerun ly Chioago Ume, which i 20 mlu UU's slnwer than Detroit timo. i, , u iKirlruü's l'at.Mii gleeping ('ri-h aecompapy the N hl Trains on (his RonW. $fdf No change of cars between Detrott, Adrinn nnd Chioago. 0.W, Patent Ventilators au.l Dusfcxa axvusedon all Summcr Traiu . BSh Tuno aud Fare tho saroe as by anj oUigi Rail Roa 1 Hout.'. JNO. II. i'AMI'BKM.. c-iu-.-vl Saperinteridenl. J . E KÜEL RESTEXTFÚU.Y informahis former palmus, and ÜM iiiKiiiiiants of -mi Arbor in genoral. that he will in Rtruct scholatt itgain on Piano, Vtolin, línitav, it Thoroagh Bas, Singing; and also in t Lan .i.i e, at tho .samo terina aa he u d to charge. l!c wil givo ii.' tesHüu i in hls i'vn h. ustij or in heliouses of m Bcholaru. li. idenoe In dwplltiiff in the rear of tbc Store latrK (ucupied ly me and adjoinrng reeidenra ofJ. l1'. fioyca w ln-lr lU' m.ty !.c Kt l u l;i to S A Ji., from IJ tl) 1 iUH li t"7 i". M. 757m3 Bonnot3 ! Borsnots ! Bonnets ! fpilE SüBSCBfflER HAS A LARUE stock f Silk and V E L V E T BONN E T S , of late style, thai hu ill vil al coi i and ten L-e-s-s T-Ii-a-11 C-O-S-T-, to sloee them out. lriccu ranlie from osa to TEN DOLLARS. I Calland soj thm. ut Ite Nw Detroit Store Exchange Blook, m. N'. 6TRON0'. ICEÍICE ! ICE ! ICE] rpHESUBSCRrBEB i .. ■. .,,;,,,, [o fnroiih Kamili. u -l allpsrsona wishing II on iliort notleo. Willdelivei to l'auiiln-, 10 Ibs. per day at $ 1 per moni h .n i ger i na DÜtloa it 30 CENTS per 100 POUIWS. All order Ieft with Tlióraison & Sop will íw OuinkfuUj receivnl aiul pimiiiiiK exocuted. ('MOIKXT K. TlIOMiroV. Arm Arbor, April 8, L860. 3m3 I Howaid Associatioii, Pliilatlelphia. ,i n, ,(.'■" 'i' TnMkution establighed y spn-ial mdovmeié for the rv ïi 'rf of the St,-k umi VUtreesetd-, gffiüïtesl wiïh Vn-nUid mul Epidemie Distases, and ih..Iij for iht. of Piscases of Uit Bei uai Qrgana, pUpensaty fret m paLk !■■- 'n ui paris oftht Uit(t States, ALUAIïLKBEPOH'iliöuBiiormfttorrhoBa.twidütherDI eases tlie Sexual Organa, and nn the NEW RKMEDIKS i in i ■ I '■!!' U llu; .iltl K-iiil in'il 'in ;, Ti , i ni charge IVo oj tbröfe ítampa fo] pi t& e be Bilí be oeptable, &$ A.Micsi.DR. .T :-KiM.lV HOUtíHTON, iVelii geou lïiiwaifi eciati i, N" _', outh Nínili iátreet, nnladt'liiliiti . l',