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How The State Treats The Counties

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i: vvi Llcctcd by tho order-boluilao county, though it i tlwt, ;ifl ir our w rei' ■■ j'ii his annu il )n; tq ou rt of tho October tax-jaloa f r vvith hi:n 1 :u:: thou ' ■'. ■. ■ ■ tlian the ■ Stal i, but bringin ui it baok ag;iin, he roported that f our .lüt'jr G' iot he uahsl loaye all tho monej witb hita, v. : county owed tho Stato or not; that thfl lbo funds then, and frould give hini a chock on Dotruit when the account was made up, whicb would be in a day or twoj tliat hu waitodod Oase, the .' ineral, tho day or tw-j afterwurda, ar;d waa then told therc ., DlUoit truiiblc and ooufusioi) tlicro thai. hü f-ould not mako up tlic account, nor evea-'givo liim the numcy back, or a cliüok on lciroit, hut faithfiilly u:.I fnlcmnly ássured our Tlroaauror that, on the iirst of Uöceinbcr, pjoniptly, lie would lend onc thousand dollars with his account, ;nd on tho lgt of January he would soiid liim a nother thousand dollar?, Vi'hiüh our Treasuror was forcud to Lj satisliod. He camo homo in good faith, uud, b-.:liuving so, tüld the pcoplo that iu December aid January they ahould havo thoir monoj'. Tlio noedy crcditors of the county, holding county ordars, flookod tq tho office for thcir luonoy thiiy had waitcd aud wa:itc-d - nay! suUured for - -for many of thom, rather than submit to the moiiüy-sliavors' terina of scvc;ity-fivo cents on tho dollar, or tho merchanta who refuscd to talco them iu pay even for rags at par. Alrcady thcy saw thomonoy, fi;lt it, and rejoiccd. Did thcy güt :uiy? - Did thu Treasurer get any? Did tho Auditor (jioncral soud any? Not om cent.' - not even the accouut or ncknowlodginüut of the amount duo, or that lic had recoived - -nor Mas he done it to (his day! Ho ohtaiued tho raonay by fraud, koops it by wrong, against cvory principio of couimon houesty, whilo the order holders, too poor to bo!d out longer, havo boen in most cases drivcn to scll at what thcy could got, every dollar of which bclow par was robbed from them. ])ut, mcancst of all, he has sought, by withholding frum Ir. Iluekins tho promiscd statement, which would havo eonvicted hira, to sliield himself, the guilty party, and let tho innocent suffer! This is tho eminent honcsty of the braek rcpublican administration you aro asked to endorso and again elcct to power. Wherp is the blask republican press of this county; the official organ of tho black republican eounty adiuiuistratiou; the recipiënt of tho tax-salos dispensad by this samo Auditor-General Oase, whioh talks of its duvotiou to tho tax-payers of thia eounty? VVhy bas it been süent at; the gravo amid tbc showers of inqjiiries as to where tbc money of the county bas gono? Often bas the County Treasurer publiely stated tho faots we have uow given you. lias it forgotten, havo they forgotten, suoh inatters s these iü their devotion to the cause of the Africana? Aro thoir columns too full of falsehoods concerniug mea and measuxes beyond our own Stato to spare a littlo space for these of wronga to tlie poople within our own borderü? Cau it bo that tho paltry pap of a few bundred dollars of tax-printiug, within tbc control of this same Auditor General Case, is the key that thus bas locked their silence? Let them answer.