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Hon. A. H. Stephens For Douglas

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Augusta, Ga., eept. 1. An immenso aüdieuco of Indios and gentlemen assembled at tho City Hall ■'ark to-day taheai the líou. A. H. Steihens sp'-:ik, Mr Stephens Baid he waá 'or Duuglas and Jolinson, tbc regular eos, whether Doug-'as reepivod twjhirJs of tho Electoral vote or not. - Aócording to the usage of tha party he reccived tho two-thiras voto of tho Con■ention, and he (Stej I 'il tho inie-honorud platform of uon-intervontion, he oü'.v priaoiple that jan preserve tho Juio:i. Tho objectious urged against re, that he refused to say it vas the duty of (Jongrcss to do what thoy touIu not da themaelves. üouglas rerusoJ to say it was the duty of (Jougross o p-;ss laws toproteot slavery in tho teritones; heneo tiioy opposc íiini, aud rc'used to voti} for suoh a law ti Mr. Stephona defended Douglas ngainst the oharge that lio wouM not yield to thc decisión of thc Supremo (Jourt, and said that Üouglas agreed with every principio docided iu tho Dred Saott case, but aLso insiated that the point that a territorial legislatura mig'ut coustitutionally regúlate slavery had not been decided. No case involving this principie had een bofore the Court. The position _ of Mr. Douglas 8 that of perfect cqimlity )etween tho citizens OÍ' all the States with respect to the riglifs of persona and )roperty. Mr. Douglas believed that a erritorial legislature wiight, by a system of laws, virtually exeludo slavery. He liíibrod with Douglas on this point, but t was a matter ot" no vital or essential mportance, bocause if a majority of thc eoplc of a territory oppose slavery it TOuld not go there. lie believed slavery vill go to the cxteiit of thc capacity for t, aud no law of Congress or a territorial legislaturc cari exteud it beyond this. - lie delt upon tho Union and the iniwrtáuce of preserving it. He did not egard Mr. Breokinridge as a disiiuionist, ut his running cndaugors tho Uuion uotvithstanding he has no chance of an election by tho people.