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A Holy Horror Of Coalition

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"Silivadus" - tho buttor orthograpby would bo y-vadus - in tlia State News, works biinself np ioto a grea agony, and shedfl un abumdaooe o crocodilo tenrs over tlie union of the Dèmonratic and American partics o: New York on an electoral] pledged to support Douoi-as. His sympatliies forforeigners are wonderfully aroused, and in the climax of his oloqucnce ho wnses pathutic. Ilear him : "No citizen oí foreign birth can cooperate wilh this Know Knothing-ücm nr.raic party wiibout a base betrayal of his tougue and country. The iowest deptlia üi degradution would be roacl) ed by any Germán or Irishman who should rush into the ombrace oi the "Dark Lantorn" order." Now, if Sily-vadua knows anything of tho politica! history of t.his State, which may wel! be oonsidered doubtful, he knows that tho Know-Notbinfrg in overy city and county have always been identified with and a part and parcol of the Republican party. The wajo: ity of tho State officers electud by the Republicana in 1854 wore KnowNothings, members of the "Dark-Lantern order," pledged to vote for none but native-born Atnericans, and to appoint no foreigners to officu ; he knows that the same is true of the Ilepublican State candid:iles in 1856, and in 1858. And ho knows that tho samo may bo said of most oftho Republicans elected to office in this couuly in 1854 and in 1856. Silftvadus ia a supportor ol one B. F. Graxweii for Congress, and rnoutha speeches and pens appeals in bis favor. Doos not Sillyvadus know that in 1851 and in 1856 this samo öhanoer was one of tho chiuf cooks and bottlo washers in the "Dark-Lantern order," and that hencv er had any love for the foreign boni citizen except when he wanted their votes? And does hc not know that the editor of the vory journal through which his sub me deminoiations and pathetic appeals find their way fo the public was a shining light in nd prominent offioer of a Know-Nothing Lodge ? If he knows theso things, as all well-iüfonncd citizens do, his holy horror of the alieged coalition in New York 's docidcdly in bad tasto. As for the NW York coalition Sillyv.dus should know that the Americans have quarreled with and been cheated by their natural ympathisers nnd allies, the Republicana ; that tho re;il Dark Lantern" Americana headed by Ulman have mergcd themsclves ia the Kepublican party, while the moro liber al wing has chosen in this election to : et with the Dernocrats, without ing or receiving any plodges of democratie support of their horetofnre dis tinctive or proscriptive principios. - Tliey prefer in this carnp;iign Douoï.as to Lincoln on general principies, and that s all thoi'o is ol t. Sm;h is the ooiilition wliich has so frightenod SiUyvadus, and ho can mako the most of it. He had, however, "buttur save his breath to cool his porridge" than expwnd it in appeals to tho Gcrraans or Frishme'n