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An Old Scotch Usage

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I here is a custom stnctly Scoltish wbioh used to bo conneutüd with the preliminarios of the baptism service, and yhich m ly oceasionally bo found o the present day. A young uamar ried woinaii tuko.-s thu cLild to ohurch, and she oaxrios in her hnud a eik:8 ui brei and eheose, with a pin oit oí the chiid'b dr s, whicb fhe is bound to givo to t!ia firat malo purson sh.i meotB. An English duk) (hs uatno ia ol" no oonnequeneo) had arrivad in Grlasgow oa tounday, nnd was wan-Joririg in the Ptreot durin tho tima of afttjniüoa serviyu, A young woman ca:ne up to hira wiih a ohild d her anns, and presonted a slioo of bread and oheaiö. In vain d d he protest that lic did not know what sho meunt - that he had aothing to do with her or the child - that ha was an ntira stranïer - that he had uever beon in Scotland bel'ore - that he knew nothing of tho usagen of the Presbytpriaa Kirk.befng of tho Cliuroh of Eiigland, and that she shonlii give the rnorsol to soinebody elso. Tiio yning woraan was deuf to n!l 'nis arymnents. and held out uuthoritutively tbe bread and chtsose. Thinking, pi-obubly, that the laas had not givou him oredit for what hosaid, ho told berin porlaot tjimpücitv that he was the Duke of , and thüt he had jusc arrived at i hotel which ho inuned. Tho aoswer shut his raonth - '■Thuugh you vvere tho king on the throne, you maun tak that bread and cbeivtt." In okl times, il was the fashion lor th botter classoa of society to ïntiinate n birtli in a family as we still do u deatli. In Haruilton, t'nu annoiiüceiueut was inaiü in a ti-uly primitivo style, not by a billet, but by a verbal message - ''Mr. A.'s ci-rnpliinents to Mrs. B., md slie's liohttM' oí a luddie or lass bairn," as tho c:,se might bo.