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The Best Mode For Drying Pumpkins

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. we love pumpkin pies. oren wlien Hiere 8 an abuudance of tree fruits. Of tlio various modes of drying, none is equal to t ii 3 one recomroended bclow: Tnke the ripe pumpkin?, paro, cut n f:uall piecea, stuw soft, masb and straiu througli a coïauder, as if !or maiiog pies. Spread this pulp on platos iu lajera, not quite half au inch thiek; dry it down in the store oven kopt at a low tomporature as not to scoreli it. Iu about a day it will becomo dry acd crisp. The sheets thns inado eau bc stowcd away in a dry place, aud they are ahvays ready for use íor pies or sauce. Soak tho piceca over niglit iu a little milk, and they will return to a nice pulp, rs delicioua as the freeh pumpkins, we tliink mud) more so. ïhc quick drying after cooking prevenís any portion from souriug, as is ahvays the case when the uncooked pioces are dried; the flavor is mach better preserved, and the aftcr eooking saved. This plan is anite as little trouble as the old inodo, to s.iy nothing of the superiörity iu tho (juality of materia] obtaiaed. Try it, and you will not return to the old modo, we are sure, and you will also beoome a greater lover of pumpkin pie "the year round," aud foei less the loss of tho fruit erop.