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ihe subjoined letter from Ciov. Bar rt extinguishes a very weak iuvention if tho enemy. But th denial was mrdly necessary, for it is not probaDle that one person in the State has seen deceived by tho slander. Gov. Barry has always encouraged all feaaisle and proper rneasuras for the promo ;ion of immigration into the 8tate, and this while those who assail him wei secking to throw obstacles in the way of such measurea. - Free Pres. 'Constantinu, Mich., Oct. 30, 1860. ''Sir - I have received your letter of :he 18th inst. enelosing a paragraph Dublished in republican papers, purDorting ro be an extraotof a letter 'rom me to a Mr Fleischman in whioh [ im made to say, 'As lor Dutchmen, we hav already mo.e among uw thau we wnnt.' This pretended extract is a íorgery. I never enteitained or uttered such a sntimeot orally r in writing. "Mr. Fleisehmen desired to obtain an ticl of incorpration for a land comjany, to which I refusod encouragenect or asseutbut otherwise proffered all facilitias in my powar, as Grovernor of the State, for the immigration hs jroposcd to introduce. "I ara, &c, JNO. S BARRY. "T. F. Bouton, Esq., Jackson, Mieh."


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