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If you are á Demoerat and believe in the principio of self goveniment, in the riglit of tho Status t regúlate their own iffuirs, in tho right of the Terri tartos to creute and e-tabli-ih their own domestiu íñatitotions, the very principies for whiuh the Continental Congress proclalmed the Deolarution of Indo pun.lonce, and the thirteen Ooloniee fought the vrar of the revoluti.) -, go t. the polls on Tuèeday next, and vote for Douglas und Joiin'son, and the VvHOl.E DEMOCRATIC TICK.E11. If you believp in our present fo m of government, and oppose the aüOtnne of i -entralization ; believe in tiif rights of the States to legislate for themsolve-", and not in öongress as the sopreme legislutor, go to the polls and voto for Georqb V. N. LorHRop. If you are opposed to a protective tarifi, 10 the tasaüon of the producing classes of the iiouotry to enlardo the proüts ol and eniiuh the manufucturer, voto for George V. N. Loturop. If you are opposed to neetionalism, opposed to placinar aparty in thecon trol of Congres that cares more for ums than for the Union. thit will aud fuel to tho flames instead of throwing oil on the tfonttled waters, vote for Georob V. X. Lothrop. If you are a Doraocrnt, and desire tbe pruvaience A Demoüratio principies, dori't be induced by personal friendship or appeals to ynur.iympat.hies to vote for B. F. Granger, nnd thus aid in making the next House oí Congress ]iepubl;an ; bilt vote for the man who will labor niht and day, with zeal nnd cloquenco, to carrv out your principies - vote ior Georob V. .N. Loturop. If yon beMeve in an eeonomieal adminiatrátion of the Sta te govërnment, in n t enlargioa; the State dubt und squanderirig the trust funds, in a Htnct acQOuntabitity il uil public offiers, and in robiiking oorrapti: n in high places, vote for that borrést oíd Roman, John S. Bakkv, for his colle.igiios oa the Democratie Stata tiükjt and lor the severa! Democratie candi lates fur Senators and Representativos in the Stato LegÍ8lature, for Wineoar, Corky, SanFOUD, HaWKISN, HüMPUIUVlLhB aild GRRaoRY. If you want to place in tha office of Judge of Probate a man who is of the people, and wbose aympathiea are with tho puople, a man of intelligence and sound jiidgmont, a man of unblemished repuíation and unquetitioned intoritT. a man who will protecc tlie widow and orphan Bgai 'st huid nbark-i, dishonest ereditore, and impovorishiug fee bilis, vnte lor Daniei, Sixson, The only b jüction nrged against h'm is that he is not a lawyer, but what is better, hb ís x max, one oí God'e noblest vvorks, an UOXKST MAS. Ifyou ould continue in office n competent Sheriff, anian ncconimodatiníj and correct lïegister, voto for Thomas F. Leomard and IIoüatio (. Siieldon the moet unscrapulous oí the ti mi d:ire not brea t ha :i word agaitiat them, find bullí tho Journal nnd Sta'c News liavu ceitlüod to ihoir efbcicncy md intogrity. Vote, tu , for NR;rs, fin nbli uner núu and tiileiiti'd huvycr, who wül pvoHooiittj no o;io for opinión si'.io, butwho wi!l provo a terror to ovil ere; for Chísb who will be woi-Hiy 'o folluvv o tho footstop nf Qrisson; for Robison who possesaoa tho npa,es.ary qualifícatiodH to maké a ompetont and popular Glerk, and for Gorr, Woouaho, Pahkkr and Mukraz. Again vo s;iy, it yon aro a Domocrat Gfit to the polls on Tuesday nest, and VOTE TIIE WHOLE ÜRMOOKATICTIOIiKr.


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