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Daring Attempt At Burglary

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-Man Sht At abou' the hom1 of 3 o'olock yesterday nomiug, Mastín Guiterman of ihe firm of Gcitibman it Co , Clo'hing dealers on Main itreet.who sleeps in the front room over his ëtore was awakened by a noise hke the breakingofgisss. Looking oul of his window he dUeovered two or three men standing on the platform of Hach Jt Piersox s store on the oppositide of ihe street, and jmliied from their otions that "iomuthing was up.' OalÜDK his young Clerk, Erastus Gilbert. they aroM nd crossed the street to arouse Mr Pierson vrho sleeps with D. C.Loojrts over theJewelry StoeofJ C. Watts. This movement was seen by the suspicious individuals who wen up Huron Street. The four persons named, on going to ihe store of Messrs Baob A Piersox found that a hole had been bored and cut through the lower panel of one of the doors, the blind fa tfning uuscrewed and the blind removed. Thu havini{ been accump'ished . the breakini; of the lnrge K'.ass eame next in order, and it was tha noise which woke up GlITHiMAN "8 Stnted. The four persou started in pnriuit of the Bur_:iars, and carne in sigh of them a. Cook s orner when they took to their hetls, turued into th Presbyterinn üfcurch yi.rd and sep eratcd. Mesara LoomiS nd Gilbekt guve to one of thcra. leiving Mr CJüiTtEM.f ; on the track of another, Mr. Pierson iieiiigon the look out in anutlier Ui . tciioii. Ouiteb jian cume upon nis man skulked in bchind tha building adj'ániag Fri is Mat Jlarket ■and a fihi ensued ÜOin&XAli (.ÜBüharíd both burrels of u 8tiol gun In had taken the precaiit ion to start out, wit.h, al i oaa oi the charg 8 took effa.i in th; irm ei ihe Burglar , N-it Uiaatittd thu Burglur drew a ht-avy uiub froni umler his coat an.1 liit. Giitkrman aciosi hiB lefl a m ai'ove the elbow duabling it .- j GuiTtKMAN tüen ried HiuriU'r. atm ' pitohnd in " htn hie ti.-sociutt-s hearit:g t he siiot and the cry cume o his d; ai d i4;tr Guitekman hüd brukn lne gun oei Jiurglai-s liead he succnriibed to a revolver in liic hands of I IiooHis A se.Mch of ihe captured qi .n reTeaii d bkeleton ktys, an alarm whistle, other implenient.s ut' truüe and ai. out fJ4U in gold. i He lso tlirew down a br kfii Bcrew dnvsr, the match picoe of which was lou:id on th inside of the store door 'hus (lositively 'spo,tin ' man He is said to be. a we 1 dressed. intelligent, .hrewd looking man. No papers were h.und on him giving any clae to hi name which he declines revealing t the time tUe Guiteeman called for help Loomis and Gilbebt had nearly correred their but were oblijred to permit him to escape t o t he relief of Guiterman. The store of Messrs. Bach & Pierson is on our most public corner and a more daring attempt at burglary haa never been perpetrated I in ourmidst. Gieat credit is due to :he young mi-n we have named, and eipecially to Mr. Guitebman for ihe detennined bravery with ■whioli he met and conquerid the bold villain. same store was en eied soine four ur siz weeks since and robbed of about $sOü n silki, of which kind of goodi a large and new s ock had jus' heen opened It stands our citizen and business men in hand to be 011 g,aid.


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