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The Election Of Lincoln

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LtucoLN is ulectod". It. is' uisüWés. t .iny, wliile tho dnet ;i nd smoke of thu battlc sti.I haisg over tliu field, to consider the uáuses of the res uit or underlake to look forwnrd to ccnscqiioncoa of it. Cuneos mnv be (!:cm M-tl :t leisure, ik1 consequ'éncea ül (Jiscliiso (herhgclvus os mpidly uh il:c ( oiiüi, v wil] iu) propsred tooompreIkihI thein. It' the nppreh'snsion wliich hi been pu widc'.y ::ii(i 6incere1y Telt, t lm t the succsíiotí oi' three oririur eouthein StiUeuonld fnllip.v lbo ckelion of Lincoln, ehtill jjroTi! to have been without -ulli ciuiyl warrant, 10 pcople will be rr.oor Finccrely rojoiced Ujiiu tho.u who hayo lelt Mich npprt-lierisi For our own pai't, we deny the righl of necefsion y ono Sla'.o or imy nurnber ol M;iies. The Federal governnitint was constructed for ail lime, hhü not ns ;i toniporary expedieiit, The constiiu'ion contnins co c-lniife look ing to tlic uonlingfincy ( poecwion by Si:Uo. If State pofseisca within itself the power n St;ito muy pecede ntpleaaure, evcry of breakiu'g up the govern ment. fco wenk il gover rim on t w;is not Ciinteroplüted by thoc whomde it. The right ■)' revolution is inherent in cvery puople, and muy rightly le un dertuken ivhon tbo evils f the existió? goven iiiuiit are grwater than would bc the evila ui (■■evolulicn', But rovolnlion may not tte rightly nndert:ikua until 6uoh Mines is the existing tfovernment bus cornmitu d grkvom wronge, the 'nilv retnedy fbrwhteh erevolniin. Urjiil the govenuneiit hich Lincoln will iidminifter IkiN cmiTiit wioDgs to n Stiitu or Keel ion the. only lerocdy i"i which is revolution feocsgion will bü iüexcusable n;bullion. It irt the cluty q( tbu present Rdminisr trntion, ;ind it w II [tv i ï i hut whith is to folio w, in extctttt the Federal tatos in ircry Sittte. : would prefer Ihnt there shoiild bo i twciiiy ycNiiv, u:.r nitherthan tfiat :i Stiiïu -l,ii;hl be di;it!(d to s-r-ocde mitil tho light cjf revohiiion had nc _■ r ( j .■!. '1 hu enuiiig few vvoeks will perhnj s givo l'irth to events which will m;irl the mo-.{ estruordioarv enoch in the hiötorv


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