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Hangsterfer's Block Completed

Hangsterfer's Block Completed image
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TJe bbJ Migned, oí tu uove mnt'Dsd buiMin;, wou ld uk e thl oppirtunit; of expressn; iiis töaoïs to He seieril Matir.Jeca n, vho bad i.nir oon'rict, portun.of the taid building, fr r their graat dlIt& in taer weck, Bil icr tb permanent, as well u beaifcfl Gnisb. geueraliy 1 tiulr i. viral riepart■uta. Of Mr O. A.TAYLOK.It isepfdally duo t) r.mark. thalhis work in every partouiar haarnet with the gentrl pfraoiatir. f all, rr its vtry abatuM'&l aiil elegant cbaricter, show him to ba ono of the (rjt architect of tö countr, Anl of Mr. A. A. TcRav tha Matir Maa-m, It is a plfa-.uro t. eay, thit hU woil tawtll (in'nhedanl of a dui-Jbio oharct;r, anl li an endeace of tae exper;en3e, raaiura judcra ut, aml olInt design of a tr .Mister Mm a; while of Mr. C. Horoni-ntR, g-,Une Maren, I cm clioerfully 5ay, tbat in the C ty of Ann Artwr anl who. work on ti,e founLtin of my building, wil1 long ninva petmutst .videnM of his handwork ; of Mr. F. 80R0, I oan truly WJ, t at f,r d,spltch títe snlstyie, asa Pa nt r, u ja.ily ,Mr:e, my pprobatif.n, ?a! oan iaw.aUy ree :aLa nl bim to tli'o eitiiem of Aan Arbor as a tüor(msh, practical


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