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SPECIAL 3STOTICB3 - O" Housekeopers you hare, we supposo, boon uiin; Dol-anl S Co' -'al-ritus, Ho ure yuu p'oisal with it T Dim It Bot pt-Kurm all that it prm!s.i! lt' jou hava made a f r trial f ,t, you mst crtainly be plcased t. Toa cmm t fail lo observe ita auperiurity an l excellence. Hoir inucti botter th. brea.laud Wwait ml VlrS rt "na whHt saTil n the weainl leur of the dtfW&rt ui ba b.en ! raid. Ar thcroany of our reaier lu ar h-ui kciTini, irilhoirt DjUuI .t Oa.l BaferaitOi in ft ktubcnf If tnM re any. we beg them to prnca i from tlKir griccr or ut nkNpW ut UN, Man il'nctired an'.for ttl'i whn!eta, bj D. B. Ds Unti & Co., at t!ic Falrpirt Chcmcal Wjrki, Kairpcrt, Uun-se Co., f MOTHERS REA O THIS The fnUcwinp Rftn xtraftt fr m n Itttpr wr'tfn by thp piiFtir nf a R:i t: t ''"i'.rcli to tic ".Innrnnl ni Mtwnser.' Ciiclnnitl, Oh", artñ spfnl r voli.m1' 'n fnvop f tbs t worl'i nn 'ni1 m"li n - KBí. üflSBIOWS SnnTFINO STMT F ■ ('niinKKV TumniO ! ':Wt s'1 :m ndvirt:Knii ut n our cnli rcn "f ïrr'. Ynqow's flni t'rne rvrup Ntv.v wp nrpr snirt ft w r 1 in favnr ff i't n-' mwüc n" bpf rf n our 'T, but V fl eBipeP1 1 iwy Í1 youï rwwVr. that tWfi hi n IK- WI HAVE TRISO IT. XT KV'W T TO UK 1H IT Cf Mltt3. 't i'. prnbalt'v one of the mot succPRiful mnHicMT-B "f Ibi öay, Iipchusp 't i.' on" of thp ris't. Anl those of your r;l r wb 1 liivc bibioi can't do it betterthsnto'l y DprW " Sftti Ir1: tirart in rnoth r co.umn ETE AND BAR. TV rnVr-"J of ChipKïo, Trii" 'miiont n i'U-ti'-v.Ivin-"""'".?!' tl" rut aai wlll n D Tt r Mieli . n vrp-n„nny, " 'lS''1 nl"l" MlBW'trt Pt At'nm Ho„.p, en tht n,v . n'y. Dr Tn 1 nrojfl I. a nfobt ' Ihvac-nn ni Parr n "r tip M -cti' o!, nl hnv nehnrt an' mrr'rrr ■ f tw ntv-"re rrr in 1 rnrtic". will t-f -m nr rir"' n m fir T?t n Fnr. n ■■ rv Infi'Tfl' tn 111 BIn', Il-rrn-t' the U af. rr br i rt'iTícifn'iftcme!:" ti mm nt diw.' of t'io i iiful (r.ians wHbiii t' reacU of oitntflc humen jgy No charrf f r esam'nxtionor c nm'tat rn. Iw77 BANK KOTH. I.A.VD VRAXT, SPECIE ANU KXCHANGE QÜOTATIONS. Ctrefullj Rcvlsed and CorrccUd evorjr Wfk. iUÏÉS CCRKEXT AT TUK Bflnking Honscof D. Preston & o , n Wooawk.-' A.. Detroit Spt. M, 18C0. BANK N'ÜTES. Potroit City Banks, .... PrCantda, (11 Solvent Bank) - ■ - N'. EngUnii and X. Ynrk, (SolTiüt Bank") New Jerev and Delatare, .-' Uhio, Kcmtuckv and Virginia, .... ra ,all notes iarat Pitiaburgll or Pblladelubi, - " Rank of th State of In'liMiü. ÜN'CÜRUENT FUXDS. Illinoli, Winconsin. Missouri and Ioa ouyirf 1 Dil .( i ( RolHng V. Cnroün, S. Carolina anii I.ouiina, 2 j Imtiana StuSk Notei, 1 Tunnesnee, „ 8 , . ROKto, 2 and 6 " Bank ..f Fngland NotP, f . . 64 Bank of Tecumseh. MichigaD, . - . 8S dis Kxchange liank of 1). Ball&Co.. ■ ■ " OUR RATES FOK BILLS OF EXCHAN'GE. Buyin. Slling. On N'ew York and Boston, X X On Washington,. ... % [)n Baffalo On Cleveland, H Dn Cincinnati. Un Chicago, X 9c di, for Í10O or upwanls. GOLD AN'D SILVER. Buying. Selling. Am. Gold !otof$100or upward, X American Silver, 1 LAND WARRAN'TS. 4 It will beobserved that we do not quote by the acre, but so man dollars for the Warrant. Buyiny. fftlling. 0 Ach Wabast 4(5 80 .i 76 85 12D " 88 106 160 " 1" u' RoTOTolutionarj Scrip, (pr aor, Met. 90 ets. PREMIUM COLNS. SILVER COIN'S. GOLD COI"S. Span Pillar Dollar, 105 Sorercign, 4 81 and 4 67 Medican Dollars 1 04 20 Francs 3 83 Fire Franc l'icce 97 26 Francs 4 t'6 French Crowns 1 06 10 Francs 1 "0 Herman " 1 05 5 Franca 97 l'rus-iaa Thalers 60 Ten Thaler Pieces 7 80 Uuil.lers 38 X Thaler IMtces 7 85 KnglUta Silrer, (shilling ïea ■ uilder Pieces 4 00 28c.# L1 GO tfpanish iHtubloons lr 0O Old Am. Half Dolla. 103 Patriot 16 50 ff On Iota or$100 or up I Cftlifornia Gold $10s 51 wards, 1 ï(c iidditional $5s and $20s ld. Gold Pust, $16 to $10 fiO per oj. & Spanish change $1.15 por ui. or22centsfor quarters, 11 for shilling, 5 for sixpimces On lotï of '-0 oz, and opwarrt. tl ,1R pet OB. DAVID PRESTON & CO., Hanker3. ' Woodwar v -( Uctroit. 46Officeliours,fr.ïn8. A, M., to 5.P. M. THE EBAT ENGLI3H I11Ü&M&J tíiH JAMES OLAHKi'h Celebrnfed Finíale Pili. PEOTECTED 6bvft I S T f E B F BT BOYAL JM YkTWn Prepared front m precription of8irJ. Ctmrk. Jlf Í., Phyñtian Betraordinary to th$ QmE%. TKifl inr&ia&Ue medicine in unfaiUnf in Uii ar f K Oio pfti-iful and dangeroutr ipeim tn wbtcb Ui tawt# DUtuUo ia Bcbjpct. It :rndrati all xeaa ad r tOT all ohfltructton, and t f.'v c1 ni&y b h1M tn Vm HARS1B0 IA Dl Kil Lt ts peeiUiatlj naiuC It wOl, ia ifccrt tte, brtog m ïh moathlj prio witb rrttferityKach tHitU, prie Om Dollar, bouw tb 9oTenwst Itamp of Graat Brittio, U prTnt cour.WrfelU Thst Pili thouU nt U fa fry ftmait &iri# cj tlXST THMEt NOVTHSfif Frifmnci,mê$k0i f re { rt #n Mïferrta. bv M cuy CAr HtM tto Ia aU wm of Norroun and Spixal AZacÜm., Ptit Ir the Bak and Umbc, Fatèga on iligbt exftrtUB, ralp'.t tiun of tbe Hi&rt, UyateritA and ffhita, tbeM PCÏa wiÜ ílwet a care wbea a0 othf oneaua tur LÜM, aarf kltbougb a pewerfal retntïy, do qoc eontijn lro, catoat) artimrnj, or nxij tiiin hurtfal te tb constltattB. fui! drertio aocompary earb packtgv. 6ol Agaat lor the Unltnd Statsa acd Casafe, JOB KOSE3, ilAteï.C. batawlnttOftv Robcar, :; . T - 1!,00 acá potus lUxapt cueiowd to cj ra Age.1wffiiaBajtfttotUfrf4 rc3s bj -vftsu tv BoH be & FULT.ER Ann Arbor, and by lïruggitt -Ti wwry tnim. To Consumpt i ves The Adverti-ser, havin betm ra-itoiOfi te bealtb in a few weeks bv h vry imple remsly. ■■ havlng -uffer o 1 .'■ vrfil ypfLTA with a s .veré Inng affectinn. au i that dread discip, Co. numj tion- is nnxiou- t ra-ikeknovn to 1 is How uÉR Ter s themoiin of curp. Tn all hi desire ft, hewili pend r cpy of h prescription used ffrpo of cnarere). wi;h the dirfctions fnr prejiaring nd using thf süraa, which thpy will flni t CKE CrRE fnr COOTtÜMmO, APTHUjt , BKONXHTTW, 'c The only nb.iect rf the adrrtinr In puc].nit ihePrpscript inn ï io benefit, the afflicted.and Bjifpad informa t en which he emeeives to be nraluab'e, and he hoie- erery sufTerer will try hi remedy, a it will coit thrm noth iug. tind may prove a blesinar PartieB wiahingtheprecrip'ion will please nddiess rïKV. Kl'WARD A . WlLMïH. 7C8yl Wíiraraburgh, Kings County. New Vork. J Tlir r-ieat TTrn-fnrt r of hls Rncf -ft TAc fl'rMi iUnler of Mankind! Herriek't Suqnr Cnateti Pilii Th whole Wnrtd United! Sick Pvople Vdnk! After tokick act. Yuu'docmvi cxpixt,ai aie ('ay, With mar 1 ngcuresa bork to 611; Thisi tho caf, themülion my. Witb thecuies of Herricb '■ 1 ill Thty come fnin East} and Xorth, ind West, And with glad ti-ling-; the paptrs flll, Because tht-y are tb1 cheupt-i , iafiasi , best, And ui erior to otliers ík Herrick w Pili F rom Sootdi Qd Planta, and Flowers tbe 'r, Tney alwavh cme- they nover kill Tlioiiüands nuw in Uien giavff wcielaid, Weit it nol for Herrick's PiU. Eacli PiïlWith sugariücoated c'rr A nre dUcovery of'matcbleFK ckill, TheirÜie was uever teen b(f'ie, Un il it apMcarcd n Hfi rick Till For year he's worksd to heal the ck, Witb joy elatehis boííJín dis: For tensoi thousands nnw rrjniee At tho niit'C Powfcisof Hornck's Píllí. rHERRICK'3 MAÏCHLESS VKGITABLE f MIIA have iaundated the world with their p -pularity Over five milüoo of boxea are used annualy, givinjr cm plnyment toe'iKlity-livemfto and wnmen to pul them up Their curenarenambe.ol by thoupanUiht'ir praises 01 tbe tongütíá of atl, tJitizens of Washteiinw Co-, an elscflhüre, have }'ou evor used them?Put up in Englinh Spanih Germán, and French diviictions. Lnrge famil boxiss. "-'o cents! Five boxes for $1. Sold everyvvhere See advertisemori on 3i pape Important to Fejnules. - Dr. CUBEENi PIL.L.S Pbepabed by Cobnelics L. Cheessilan, m. d., Nt w York Ciiy. The combïnatiOD of ingrediente ín these Pilis are tb resul t of a !nng and extecsive practiw. They mild i their opera tion, andcertain in correcting all irregular lies, i'ahifui Mens u rationa, retnoving all obtftruotioiM irbetber from cnld or otherwise, hoadache, pain in tb side, palj'a'atiun of the heart, vhitw, all uervouw affet, tions, hysterie, fatigue, pain in the back nd limbs, &c. disturbed slec-p, wbicoariteafroin interruptioa of nature TO MARR1EDLADIE.S, Dr. Chefï'ïPman'n Filln are mvaluable, as they tv! bringon the mnthly period with regularity, LndieR wh have been ditappointed tn the use of othea PHIb can plaoe the utmuüt coulidt-noe in Dr. CheoMinaa Píil doing a they represent to do. y o t i c e Thgrr. f n eoitifüunt oftftfemalr jnttm in wMch th Pi'J cniinotkn taken vtith'mt profiarivp n VECVÍJA, PESUi.T. Th rnvJHIo rrferred tn PREGNANCY- thé if.eul', MICAJlfUAGF. u-A the irrcitab'r ten dency of the medicine fi re.ntore the ffxutil funrtinv t A normal ctrnditinn, that en . n tke reftroductiv pover o nnïHre. rannnl restil it. Wwranted purely vtfrctahlp, and freo from anythln injurious, Expllcitdireotions, wjiieh ehoul-i 1 n'ad,ac company oach box. 'tnt by roail -o cnclnsing $1 t Dr Corsbul'B h. CheeseíianBos 4,531, Post Office New York City, y Sold by one Dniggiit ín every town in tbe Ucitc StatB. -tt R. B. HUTCIfIXGS, GE-VfiJtAL AG8.VT FOR THE ÜMTED HTATTP, No, 14, Broadwcijy A'ew Trark. L%? To wbum all Wholesale orclere Kbould be fldrob. Esold in Ann Arbor, by Uy-vabb, titBmna & Wneo fiod G, r, grmiLZ,, 1P:7l L


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