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THE BANNER STORE. SECÓN D AWUVAL - OF- g PALL 5s WINTER O OX S. GOODS FROM fAIJCTION. Jr acts for the People -OF■WASHTBN .A."W - ÍND- ADJOTNTNG COUNTIES! f And llnir nurr.erons queitiona answertd. Wh i EvfTifbndy trading at ih "BANNER STOUEÏ '-Brcautt A. P. miLLS, the Proprirtorol tliat Establishment haajuit relurued frum tho Etuiern Uiuei wiih vil Larg"st, IIandiomet,, and Most Attractivi Stook of 5 STAPLE ANDFANOY DRY GOODS!, rr brought to taii part of tb Stte Why U Ertryhody pituita mik hit Stotkt 2 Eooauio httstriei ar mor toaatitul, quality bitter, d pricw lower tima at any othr store in tho count. Why ha Ae alwzfi S'nnething New and Oitap to Show? Bccau$cbhaiafnenl connectei with on of 1ht l _ pest IhyGoola tlouses in New York, who is eontinualii 0 " BOBBLQ ROLyD" lor obwp bargainmnd the lat e styles, as thcy aplicar frora time to time, and in tbll way Leep.s bim supphed with s ylaj ii-l consatiuently cuitumeri cao lways fiu-i soiJiBthiugl-Vsah., NEW CDEAP andDESIRABLE 5 W!ty dott !t 'tü o mueh Chcoper thanth rtlt? BecauJehohasa buyer in th city all the timo to takr advantage of th coutinual change of the m.irkt, and ín tbat way buys his guoda much cheaper than otherl can, ad theL hü raarlw them down to tho 4 Wiy does he u'l Ladiet' and CMldrent' Shoei n much c'-.'uper ihan vat teer hrnrd cfby tht eidttl 2 Shoemaketti BecauM he b-ijs his stock in lh land of ihonak, o! tl e manufacturers, fully -ö per cent cheapflr than tb. New York Jobbers sell thera, and mach bet ter wort thftn they gtneralli' kop. 'lh:s course nablw him to sU a bctter ö üaiter for 35 Cents. than otharssell at 50 contj, and a better FOXED ATTK8 at 0 ctuts, thaa uthers seli at Tú onti. lías he any Halt and Cap$T Ves, I should think he has stacks of them, nough to supply the Slale, at pricej lortr than was rr baardot round these partí. IV.' y it hit Tta ra mueh hrtltr for tht priet fon J piy than you gel at otlur plaat? care in slectinj it, and girMhia cudtomeis the benefit of & real gji.l 75 ceut TEA FOR 50 CENTS. It í a way he has got. Whtrt thouW you. po to gel your CLQTHS and huve Ihem Cut or MadtJ To the BANNER 8TORF, wbere the People's Baaaer ii unfurlejfor the Penple aguod. { South aiJe of Public SQuare, a few doon wwt of Cook' Hotel A. P, MILLS. Sept. 18, 1860. 7Btf 8,776,994,650 VOLUNTEiRS WAiNTED! TO AS3I3T I5i THE LIBERATION OF CUBA ! ffliite folks. or of whatevor color, oeste or nmivity, whother icarried, single or of doubtlul connfxion, wil! be enlistad in Úsenosle cause of EMANCIPATING THE COMMVNIT1 - FROM THE- THRALDG1ÏÏ OF HIGH PHICES ! and will reeeivo iheir outfit at tb Extensive Fur nishing Establishment -OF THE- G U I T E R M A y .S HE AD QÜARTERS! hu ving been eetablished for the LAST TEN YEARS, our known rulo of warfare is an U nd i sfiuis(!(l Destruction OF HIGH P RICES ! 'S O H O Xj O T 3E-I lUJ" O For all ..ges! Sex and Conditions! i s In oonseqneno of th very fljttering eneouragement wliicli we have rcc-ÍTed inoa our lucation in t!ii ci:y, we have inorsuMj our Slock of ' FALL AND WINTER C LOTH I NC! To meet the demnnds of our customer, and having beoome more fully eonvineej than ever, tliat our mode uf dealing, nnmelV: at ihe loweit possible ratea for iitheonly trua plan; we will continua t: ierve the publio s heretofore dunnj the cuming full nn-1 winter. Our Mock consieta ia overy vnriety of READY MADE OLOTHINö! Pb in iind Fnncy CLOTHS. CASSIMKRS. SILK. AND SILK VELYET3. A Urge lot of GENTLEMEN 'S F0RNISHISG GOODS, which Rre all wurrantod DON'T FAIJ TO For past fa vors we aro gratefnl Ut all, Tho fume for largo ones in proportion, And tbose w! o see nt to cali bhall receivo onr best siniles and devotioa. M. Guitermau & Go. N. ü Stulents and all others who want to gee SONDEKIM' new iode of cutting ;. will do well to c:Ul and loave fcheir mearart) ia For a Nica Fitting Suit ! i iu .wii, si;, s. titb fm


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