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Save The Leaves

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If Bi'o. Jonathan were as saving of rnanures, as Johri Buil is, he would be a better farmer. No one knows until he has seen it, how oarefúl Eoglish and European farmerj and gurdeners aro of everything which can be converíed into manure. And this is ono ground of tlioir superiority in agriculture. Now, lot ua repeat, what we have often said. that few thinga aro more val uable for fertilizing purposos ihan docayed loaves, They are hardly inferior to barn-yard manurc. Gather them up', now, this very month of November, before they are eoyered by the snow. They are abuudant everywhere, lying in heaps and windrows in the foTest and by the roadsido, and by tho fencea i in even' yard. The wood-lot should not bo stripped clei'n of them; but doubtiese eyery farrner's iaJDd tsontains more of ttie.a here anti there, tb'ap lie oao find time to oart borne. (4ather them up, by rakiwg, or by sueepir.g with a lai-ge birch broom. Siuck them and pack tfajém in a líii'ge wagon, add ing side-board a bij{h as oopvenient : yon vvill hardly get too beávy a load Cart tlietn home, and use them as bedding for cattle and horscs ; use them for composits in the stable-yani ; usa thom to protect teiüler and ahrubs and plants in Winter. Strawrberry patchos will fairly sing for joy under sucli a feathery blankot. By all means, save tho leaven, and use them. -


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